Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I can't be trusted.......

.........To run a slow 5 km run that is.....

I tried. I really did.
I even talked to bossy boots before I left and told her not to yell at me to go faster.......
Bitch didn't listen ....
 I did my first 3 km around a 5 min 59 sec pace. Then bossy yelled and I said fine then and did the next 2.5 km (did a 5.5km) at 4 min 55 sec km and that felt better. Didn't wanna push too much.....Just in case, since the marathon is only 4 DAYS AWAY!
It started to rain6 a bit part way though.....Not too bad though.
 God I need a tan!

No more running for me until race day on Sunday and to be honest I am freaking out.
The usual questions
Did I train enough?
Will it rain or be freezing?
Can I actually run 42.2 km.....26.2 effing miles!
How will I feel during and after?
I need some gear for this run.
I already bough my gummy bears and my dad got me salt pills.
I think I want a Spi Belt.....Are they worth is?
I need a Lulu shirt but Kelly and I are gonna wait until Saturday to see what the weather will like for sure.
Yeah Lulu!
I am thinking something like

and maybe one of

Anything else I need?
Any advice?

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