October 2009-Toronto Half Marathon
I was pretty excited- I quit smoking and trained for 3 months. Ray ran with me, he did no training at all. I was excited and nervous. When I got downtown as we were parking the car I realized that I forgot my Bib and Time Chip- I was devastated and cried all the way to the start line. I did pretty well and felt good till km 17 or so. Then I just wanted it to be over!

Time: 1 Hr 55 Min 30 Sec
At this point I was happy I finished but not to sure if I ever wanted to do this again! I did however only beat Ray by 5 Minutes.

October 2010-Picton Half Marathon
I trained but not enough-I was going to run with my Dad for the first time. He has been running for almost 20 years and is a good runner. It was so cold that day and we were shuttled 21 km outside of town 2 hours before the race with only a small shelter for about 650 people. No place to sit and little shelter = not good. It took 5 km for my toes to un thaw and I had a cramp from km 3 to the end. The hills started at km 15!  Just a bad running day over all.

Time 2 Hr 05 Min 56 Sec
At this point I was thinking that I will NEVER EVER run this far again!

May 29 2011-Ottawa Half Marathon
I had lost about 20 lbs and training was going well.....I had rested my knee and was feeling good- I was very excited to run. I missed the registration and it sold out! I was so upset and almost didn't get to run.....See that story HERE....I went to use the porta potty 30 minutes before the race the line was so long I was actually in the porta potty when the start gun went! I lost my dad but was able to catch him (and beat him in the end!!!!) around km 14 or 15....But it all worked out. I felt great going into the race and during. Too bad I held back a bit, as I was waiting to hit that wall that had happened in the last 2 races. It never came!

During 1-Me running alone-
During 2-Where I caught up to my Dad

Time 1 Hr 53 Min 56 Sec-PB Time!
After this run I was already planning my next one right away. It took almost 5 years but I think I finally LOVE running!
June 5 2011 Bread and Honey 15K
Just a couple days after my Ottawa half and I had the running bug bad. I was scouring the race pages for races in my area for the weekend that were taking late registration. I found the Bread and Honey 15k and it was only 20 minutes away! I drove to the running room location near the race on the Saturday and registered and picked up my race kit.
Check out the full race review HERE.
Basically I felt good for this race. It was a beautiful day and besides a small cramp I was loving the run!
I just wonder that why, when I felt so good for this race do I look LIKE THIS and LIKE THIS....I have to remember...that there are cameras and I should smile once in awhile.....Oh and here I am busting a last minute sprint at the FINISH . Nice

Here is my before picture

Self portrait right as soon as I passed the finish line

And the after with Medal
Time-1 hr 19 min 13 sec
I was pretty happy with this time!

Upcoming RACES
Free to Run 10K -July 9-This is gonna be a HOT one! This one I will be doing with Ray and my Kelly (Check out her blog) It will be her first Race!
A Midsummer's Night Run-30K-August 20-This will be a good way to get in a 30 K training run for the full marathon that will be coming up, but to do it in a fun way-Hoping it will give me an idea on how the full will go.
Toronto Water Front Marathon-The Full October 16-Full with my Dad! Kelly did the half!