Thursday, October 13, 2011

Banana Protein Pancakes

Carb loading is fun.
I don't usually carb load for my half marathons but for this full I am.
This morning I busted out the grill and we had Banana Protein Pancakes Thanks to Peanut Butter Fingers
 We had it with spinach and egg whites. I mad a Honey, Cinnamon yogurt sauce to do with.....(and of course some natural PB and sugar free jam).....
So effin good.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't feel like eating my raw veggies today so I said "Juice"!!!!
Started with a pile of fresh veggies
 Started with the ginger and parsley
 Some spinach
 Green pepper
 And a cucumber to flush it all through....
 Made almost 4 cups so I have 2 servings...........
 Yummmm.....Gives me so much energy.......
Now whats for supper!

I can't be trusted.......

.........To run a slow 5 km run that is.....

I tried. I really did.
I even talked to bossy boots before I left and told her not to yell at me to go faster.......
Bitch didn't listen ....
 I did my first 3 km around a 5 min 59 sec pace. Then bossy yelled and I said fine then and did the next 2.5 km (did a 5.5km) at 4 min 55 sec km and that felt better. Didn't wanna push too much.....Just in case, since the marathon is only 4 DAYS AWAY!
It started to rain6 a bit part way though.....Not too bad though.
 God I need a tan!

No more running for me until race day on Sunday and to be honest I am freaking out.
The usual questions
Did I train enough?
Will it rain or be freezing?
Can I actually run 42.2 km.....26.2 effing miles!
How will I feel during and after?
I need some gear for this run.
I already bough my gummy bears and my dad got me salt pills.
I think I want a Spi Belt.....Are they worth is?
I need a Lulu shirt but Kelly and I are gonna wait until Saturday to see what the weather will like for sure.
Yeah Lulu!
I am thinking something like

and maybe one of

Anything else I need?
Any advice?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Marathon is only a week away!

The marathon is next Sunday! OMG.....
I will be doing a 15K today, maybe a short run tomorrow and one short slow run on Wednesday....That's it.....
WOW....42km what am I thinking!
So nervous, scared, anxious, excited, and about a million other things.
I really hope I trained enough.
So much more to say and I hope I can write about it soon, but not yet.
I've been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately....
 Stuffed crust jerk chicken pizza.....all from scratch......was really good......
Pumpkin Cheesecake.....This was my reward meal after my last 36km run....Loved the Cheesecake.....

We also had a bake sale at work again. This one was to raise money for a co-worker who has just been diagnosed with cancer. He has 2 young kids and is the money maker of the family.
I did 2 Pumping Cheesecakes, 4 Pumpkin Pie and 1 Lemon Meringue Pie.....

We made $800 in 3 hours! Amazing......
We are also having a HUGE fundraiser next weekend kind of stag and doe style and the support on that has been crazy. I think we will make a few thousand when all is said and done. Because Mark is a casual he has no benefits or paid sick leave. He is starting Chemo and will need the money so he can concentrate on fighting this not paying the bills......
I know we are all praying for him.