Friday, July 29, 2011

There will be no singing in the rain today! *EDIT*

I am off for a 10k run with Kelly this morning. I always do really well in the rain but for some reason I dread it! I 1/2 Marathon PRed in the rain in May in Ottawa, but still.....yuck.....
My Marathon training is going well and if I could figure out how to put my garmin info onto blogger I would upload all my runs. After today's run I will be at 38 km for the week so far. I want to get 50-55 km in this week. Doable for sure.
I am really looking forward to the Marathon in October, which is kinda surprising cause when I first signed up I peed a little.
After the run I have to go get my hair blown out and then Kelly and I are off to Downtown Toronto for a night out on the town! Yikes! I am not really a clubbin type of person but Kelly twisted my rubber arm and we will be staying there all night. I am kinda excited to go out and have some martinis (or rum&red bull, whatever!)
After this weekend I am gonna have to clean it up. This has to be hurting my training and its so important that I do well in the marathon. It has been a hard month but I think I can be more accountable.
This morning when I got up I knew I had to do the dreaded weigh in since it has been almost a month since I weighted myself.....ugh.....I got my scale from home yesterday so this morning I got up and as I walked towards the scale I felt like a hooker about to enter a confessional! UGH.....
So I was up about 2 lbs....Not too bad considering but it still pisses me off to no end, so now that is motivation to get it together.
Ok I am off to get this day going.......SO EXCITED.........

Just did my run-10k
It was GREAT! No humidity hardly and it didn't rain! I did the first 3 k with Kelly at a 5:40 pace and then picked it up. It felt like I had wheels.......I held a 5k pace for the rest of the run. Did some sprints in there and a few hills. Finished just over 50 Minutes.
Had a quick shower and some Egg Beaters and made it to my 1130 hair apt. I got my hair straightened and now I am just waiting for Kelly to do her hair and we are off to the mall to find something to wear tonight. We should be at the hotel by 3 or 4.
Definitely taking the camera for this one and will post them this weekend. Have a great weekend!
But I might drink a little more then I should tonight.....Just sayin

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We could make it work-Single and 30....Fantastic....Not where I thought I would be. I HATE THIS.
I will try to be a good blogger but things may be rough for a bit.
Thanks for patience-I will be back.
Thank god for Kelly

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clearly someone has been drinking

This week has been a lot of running

Alot of frozen yogurt
A lot of sitting by the pool
And WAY too much drinking
But I am still here.....Getting in my runs....Even though it has been so incredibly hot here. My times are suffering from the humidity but as long as I am getting in the miles i am happy for now. Tomorrow I will do my long run for this week (yeah a day late but today was just . not . happening) Ill do 20 k tomorrow, I think the heat is supposed to let up a bit so that will help!
I am still at Kelly's, still trying to work things out at home. Kelly and Nathan had some people over for a BBQ and games last night. We sat outside and had some drinks and had BBQ and it was fun. We started the night pretty early and were into it by 4 in the afternoon.......And in turn ended up being up pretty late. Mojitos were on the drink menu last night (no sugar though) -Delish
I made a Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake and we got into that later in the night. I was trying to behave and not have any and ended up eating off everyone elses plate-What....They liked it!
N o drinks for me for a few days-Stress has been heavy the last 3 weeks so I may have drank a bit more then normal-To be expected I guess-
Kelly and I last night-Hmm.....We might have been drinking by this point....Just sayin.
Tomorrow is gonna hurt-But I need it.
Oh-Been doing a "push up" challenge.....I am up to 100.....Would like to be able to do a couple sets of these by the end of the summer.......
Marathon in less the 3 months!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Weekend......

I had a small Cupcake order to do on Friday. 2 dozen-They turned out well. I had the girl from work meet me at my friends moms to pick them up.

 We went to Johan's house for a few pre drinks before a stag and doe that we were going to for a co-worker. So after a bottle or two of Red we headed over to the party. There were tons of amazing prizes. For some reason when I was at the stag I was STARVING. I was stalking the food table all night and Kelly had to pull me away from the spring rolls. I was a bit intoxicated and decided I didn't need a plate and that it was much more classy to just eat off the platters. Yeah-I'm hot....don't hate me.  Here is a pic of Johan, me, Heather and Kelly.......At one point I remember smelling my hands (whatever) and saying "my hands smell like spring rolls" and Heather (God love her) says "well it's better then ass" Apparently this was the funniest thing I had EVER heard.....I am sure you won't think it was as funny as I did.
Before I went to the stag and doe I drug my ass out for a 15km run in the 35C heat.....
Saturday was a write off I woke up at 930 (I went to bed at 4am) and when work called and asked if I wanted a 11-11 shift I figured I may as well be hung over and get paid for it.
This morning I managed to go out for another run but didn't get out till 1130 and it was already 40C....ouch-This was rough. I felt good but the air was heavy and the sun was blaring. I managed to do the 18km though.
Here I am in my sweaty glory.....I made a sweaty puddle on the floor.......gross.....

Ray came and picked me up and we talked in person for the first time in two weeks. (Besides at the counselling appointment). We went for a drink and a bit to eat and chatted. I think it went well.......
Slow and steady, we will see what happens.....
Off to work in the morning-I love getting up at 445am!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

15k Hill Run

I trucked it out to do a 15K run yesterday in the morning before it got to hot out.  Since I am running in a new area I had no clue where to go especially since it was a long run. So I mapped out a run on g-maps and logically I wrote it here.

It worked.....I did manage to get "lost" a few times though......

I had "heavy legs" for the first few kms and just couldn't hit my stride. But I sure did hit Hills! Ugh Hills! At about 9km in I thought it would never end. I drank all my water and was dreaming about water for the last 4 km.
I was so glad to be done the run though......What a mess
I am glad I did it but now I had a 20km on Sunday....Hope my legs feal stronger tomorrow-
What do you guys do when you have a "heavy leg" run day?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm hanging on a moment of truth

Thanks for the support it means a lot to me. I didn't really explain, but just to give an overview, me and my fiance are taking a break. It is one of those things that no one wants to go through but that happens. Not sure if it will be permanent or not but we are trying to work it out with counselling. I am staying with Kelly for now.
Ugh...this sucks. I think it is important to share because adjusting to this has been hard on my training plan-Hence the dramatically decreased runs and blog posts. I hope to get back on track ASAP with the runs. I will keep you posted!
Thanks ladies!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I am a personal wreck and the Free to Run 10k

Hello ladies
I have to apologise for my MIA status in the last week. I had a terrible week and Ray and I have separated. I am staying at Kelly's for now. I have no idea what will happen or how this will turn out but I can only hope for the best. Very sad to go fro being engaged to Nothing.
I have so much more to say on this but I will wait for now.
On other news Kelly and I did the Free to Run 10 K in High Park in Downtown Toronto. It was Kelly's first race and just a way for her to see what one is like before her 1st half (my first full) marathon in October!
1st of all we made it downtown and parked at my brothers house and walked over to high park's only a 5 minute walk so it was great location wise. Except since Jeremy wasn't home we didn't know where to go so we got lost in the park......of course.........

We found the start line with minutes to spare. Since there were no porta pottys I had to pee in the I was doing my business the start horn went I dashed up out of the woods and found Kelly. We ran about 45 seconds together then I took off.
My first km was 4:26...oops....better slow down....the next 2 were around a 5 min km...better ....Then I hit a HUGE hill. For the first time ever in a race I walked. I walked up most of the hill! Almost a 6 min km! WTF!
I picked it back up and averaged between 4:58 and 5:15ish Kms the rest of the race. Even though km 8 was the same stupid hill as at he first part of the race! I almost puked on the home stretch.
Just terrible.
I booted it for the last KM to make sure I came in at 50 minutes and just barley made my goal. Not sure the exact time but it is under 50 minutes and something seconds. I hope they post results soon.
I walked back to the last water station about 300 meters from the finish to wait for Kelly. I saw her a few minutes later and ran on the sidewalk with her to the finish! She met her sub 1 hr goal and did it in 59 minutes and something seconds (again waiting for the results).

So it was a good day. Even though it was 26C when the race started!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day and Rib Fest!

Happy Canada Day!!!!
I was up early and got ready to go for a run. I was on my way out the door and my Garmin battery was dead! Damn it. Apparently I am too cool to run without it cause I said screw the run it will have to wait. Plus it was getting hot out quickly!
I quickly showered and we decided to go to Rib Fest!
 It was super busy! There were tons of vendors and about 10 different Rib stands. Decisions Decisions!

Ray was pretty excited to go check out the Ribs!

We looked at the trophy's and awards that they had-as well as the line ups and made a educated decision! (The stand with the cutest bbq boys got my vote)!
 I liked their sign the best............but.....

We picked Bibb's BBQ from Naples Florida.....We got the half rack of ribs with beans and coleslaw......

To share of course!

It was so busy it was hard to find a seat!!!!
 Ray enjoying his Ribs!-Now Ray is more of a rib fan then I am but I went because he was so excited. I am nice like that!

I even had a few bites of the ribs, and to be fair they were pretty good.

But what won my heart was the amazing roasted yams....OMG it was fantastic!

They were roasting corn too but I figured just too messy for this clumsy gal-especially when I was all in white

This was just plain amazing!

Then we decided to get an old fashioned soda-I wanted a lemonade-But I got the soda cause it came with a cool cup......(what...its shiny)

It was cute how they had it....

Here is Ray helping himself to some Root Beer-I got the Diet Birch Beer......

He said it was the best Root Beer he has ever had.

Mine was pretty good too-Seriously who wears all white to a Rib Fest?

Yep-Then I got a new hat.....fancy me.

And just cause I am the nicest girl EVER (Don't forget it) We went to see Transformers 3 IMAX 3D-$18 Freaking dollars for a movie....WTF......I didn't pay so I can not complain.......

We were one of the first people in the line up-It started at 4:15 so we waited almost an hour-

Ray wouldn't take off the 3D glasses the whole time we waited in line-Guess he was excited......
The movie was ok-I think I still like the 1st one the best so far-I am not much of a movie person in general so 2.5 hours is a long one for me. I am a bit ADHD so I get restless.....
I was still able to get in a quick run when we got home-I needed it-Just an 8km but it was still needed.
 Happy Canada Day/4th of July weekend!