Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marathon Training week 3

I did a quick speed work out this morning since I have a million things to do today. 400M Speed x 6 alternating with 400 M recovery run x 7. I am no good when I get up and go without eating or drinking first. I don't know how people do it! It took me 26 minutes but I am a sweaty mess since it was already 25C out and so humid at 8:30 this morning|
I am off to get my hair fixed (again) and then my nails are a mess so I have to pop into the mail place (I HATE getting my nails done). I then have to pick up Ray from work we have an appointment and then a dinner date!
The bake sale had a minor hitch yesterday! I will explain late tonight.
Oh and BTW Ashley is THE WORST Bachelorette ever! Get over Bentley already he never liked you. If she says Bentley one more time I may do something irrational!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

17 dozen cupcakes

So when you have a live in "should of been a gourmet chef", what do you do......Well I just try not to gain a million pounds....
Here is Rays creation of the day
Ravioli with a butter cream sauce-Toasted pecans and pumpkin seed, fried basil and Parmesan shavings......I had 2 bites and then tied my hands together until he was done eating!
Working tomorrow (on my day off).......I have the bake sale.....I made 17 dozen cupcakes today so I am tired.....I will take some pictures of them tomorrow at the sale!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everybodys workin' for the weekend......ok well just me

Yesterday I had a staff meeting-Great fun....If you like sitting around with a bunch of people with no imagination, flexability, adaptability or ability to see beyond the doughnut box. We went to Boston Pizza where I was able to drown my thoughts of physical violence in food......
I had The Chopped Chicken Salad........
Garden greens with tomato, julienne carrots, celery, red and green peppers all tossed in our poppy seed dressing then topped with a grilled chicken breast and green onions. Sodium: 210 mg Calories: 280 Total Fat: 9g $11.99-It was pretty boring but low cal enough that I felt Justified to eat something else.

The obvious choice? Sweet Potato Fries.....Sign me up!
Yam Fries242g2mg450kcal
 Great-Oh and then I had to have a blueberry timbit......ok I had 5....whatever.

Since I was off work early I did my 5 km (3.1 mile) Speed workout when I got home. Ray went with me but only kept up for about the first 3 km.
I love the garmin but it is kicking my ass. My 1st km I was pretty stiff and did a 5:18km the next 4 km were all between 4:43 and 4:47. Just a bit over 24 minutes.....Not too bad.
Since I am loser shift worker I have to work this weekend. Gross. I made a green smoothie for on my way in today and I have a huge lunch.
When I got to work this morning I saw these guys! They are all over our work grounds......Now when these Canadian Geese first lay their eggs in the spring they are down right violent....They hiss and will chase you. They are more relaxed now that they babies are bigger....I just shooed them away and off they went. 
Apparently the people coming in behind me were afraid and called the manager office to come get them to shoo them away......Silly people. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adventures in babysitting.....and a 9 mile run!

My day started out with a trip to the Running Room because I need a new Hand Held Water Bottle and Lululemon  is too far from me- So they didn't have the water bottle or the salt sticks I was looking for! Darn it.-I headed over to Golda's Kitchen for some Cupcake supplies as I have a Cupcake order for tomorrow.......

I did get some new running fuel to try out......I know I like the Orange GU chomps but I got a few other things to try including the Nuun Tabs to try out.....I did pick up this hand held water bottle from the running room until I can get my lazy self to Lululemon to get the one I want......It will do for now.....

I did a 9 mile run and it sucked-It was so hot and humid and I had such "heavy legs" ughhhh.....sucked-I did spot a new Booster Juice just up the road from me.....Nice.....I set my Garmin for the 9:13 pace my training plan said to and knew that I would feel like a slow poke-But since I was so tired it was good that I had such a slow pace to do-Yuck-Finished in 1:23.....I was rained on for the last 4 miles on and off......Needless to say I was happy to be done-Oh and here's a hot tip for you-The nuun tabs-Yeah they are carbonated-So when I put one in my hand held water bottle and then ran for 2 miles before I went to take a drink....well lets just say I got a nose full-That will make you happy.......Umm...or not.....

All was ok when Kelly dropped of my gorgeous god daughter-They had to go to her nephews grade 8 graduation so I was the lucky one to get Eva for a visit! We went for a walk but it wasn't too long as it started to rain! booo....Although she was loving it and was  giggling every time we hit a bump.......How cute is she!

We went back to the house and hung out and watched us some two and a half men......I had some sweet potato fries and Eva was a giggling machine......She loves TV....too funny.....I went into the kitchen to get a drink and she looked like this......

30 seconds later she sounded mad so I went to look-and I guess I would be mad too! Poor baby.
 I put thins picture in clearly only because I look possessed........weird......
I decorated some cupcakes and Eva watched......She liked it..........Well even if she didn't she can't say so too bad for her!
I had an order for 2 dozen Blue Velvet (same as Red Velvet just blue.....duh) with some cream cheese icing....(The school colors are blue and white)

I guess Eva had a long day cause I fed her again and put her jammies on and poof she was out like a light
Ray came home and had to kiss the baby....I think he would steal her if he could......He is so excited for us to have one of our own-Soon soon........

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Garmin tried to kill me

I was so excited on my way to get my new Garmin Forerunner 305!-This was me being excited. I swear

I could hardly wait to get home to open this sucker up!

I got it out of the box and had no idea what half of the stuff was for......I looked in the book and saw that it had to charge for 3 whole hours before I could use it! I read the book and by the time it was charged I set my profile and set the laps to the km setting.

This thing is huge (that's what she said).........

And off I went!-At first I was thinking it was cool out since it had rained all day.....Nope.....HUMID....I was sweating like no one business.

Ok-So new things on this run that WILL never be repeated-I carried that stupid water bottle with me! Couldn't find my regular one-I will be getting a new one-Tomorrow! I also drank a whole bottle of G2 about an hour before my run-Dumb-Just sayin' I had the WORST side stitch ever.....sucked-=And I had no music as I was going out the door I saw my MP3 was dead and said screw it! Just one of those days....I wasn't feeling it and normally I would have just taken it kinda easy on the 8k run-But since I had the Garmin I didn't want my pace too low. I was averaging about 5:15 km (8:20something miles) Not great but not terrible-Long story short I wanted to throw up!

My neighbours think I am nuts already so laying on my front lawn and taking my own picture is totally fine-They don't even flinch at things like this anymore.....Whatever-They are weird too.....
Final time8km (5 miles)-42:15-bah
I have some work to do if I am gonna go a 50 min 10k in 2 weeks.
I think I had hives or something by the time I was done....

I was pretty excited for dinner-
Massive salad included
Salad mix, avocado, tomato, cucumber, green beans, feta, chick peas-
Dressing was-
Greek yogurt, rice wine vinegar, lemon juice, honey and poppy seeds.....
So good-

No I am just trying to figure out how to display my Gramin results on the blog like I see others do -But I DO.NOT.GET.IT! If anyone knows how that would be great!

Week 2-Marathon Training

It's my day off and normally I would have done my run by now but I have other plans first! I am finally biting the bullet and going to buy a Garmin 305! I have done a lot of reading about the different type and this one seams like the best one for me!
I can't wait-It's raining out anyways and supposed to clear up by this afternoon............
It will probably take me about 2 hours just to open the box anyways!
I will take it out for my 8 k Tempo run tonight and see how it works!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hair Art Ti Infrared Flat Iron

Check out this great give-away over at Two Belle's Fitness!
HairArt Ti Infrared Flat Iron

This looks like one Great Flat Iron-And I could use a new one!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day and Happyt Birthday to my mom! Oh and a Cupcake Fix

I had some Father's Day Cupcake orders....Here are a couple of the kinds!

Chocolate Cake with Mint Cream Icing

Chocolate Cake with a Oreo Cream Cheese Icing and a Oreo Cookie Hat

So yummy.....
Tomorrow is Fathers day and Monday is my moms Birthday.....I won't be able to see either one of them until Canada Day weekend! BOOO
Sucks living 3+ Hours away from most of my family! Hope everyone has a great Fathers day!

Me and my Dad!

Hillbilly Christmas BBQ-Yep that's how we do it

The best Step Dad ever!

Happy Birthday Mom! 

My step dad and mom when they first met 7 years ago! Awwww

My Grandpa!Happy Fathers Day to a man who taught me a lot!
Wish I could spend tomorrow with them all!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Never start drinking at 11 am....nothing good will come of it!

So I told you HERE about the BBQ I had to go to. 1st stop when you are going to a BBQ with a dozen big hungry guys-COSTCO
3 stops, $225 and getting lost 3 times later....we arrived!
Since there is only 4 girls on the team we lost out on the menu choices......
Somehow we still did the shopping.....
So logically, what would you do on a Tuesday at 11am? Well open a bottle of wine and fire up the Margarita Maker.....Duh
After a couple drinks we threw the meat on the BBQ and got cooking (Thanks Nathan).....Ray made his famous Chili Burgers.....
What a day it was....
That's Cam in the picture under neath here-He is pretty! (Well that's what he will tell you)
The big guy here is Carl-Thanks to him for allowing us to trash his backyard have a lovely day at his place.
I love that Kelly came even though she is on Mat leave!-It wouldn't be a party without her!
There was some trampoline action!
Jump ladies!-The boys didn't mind the view
There were some very serious conversations had

The ladies look like they were hearing a great story-Maybe Steve was talking about Star Trek-
Kelly was double fisting it for a while
All in all it was a good day-Until the sun went down!

Keep it clean Kelly
This is the last know picture of the day and it was all down hill from here.....I will spare you the sloppy details.....Just glad I didn't wear a dress!
Oh...Good News.....I found my shoes