Thursday, April 28, 2011

The moment I decided to run a marathon

Up until now I have never seriously considered that I could ever do a full marathon- I have done two halfs and have one coming up but I really really have wanted to do a full-But I don`t think I believe in myself enough to just say out loud that I am gonna do one-Well I am gonna do one.
If he can do it Well then so can I

What a wind storm---I love having days off during the week!

This little delish bowl of yumm is my new obsession
1/4 cup old fashion oats
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp Chia Seed
mix together with 1/2 cup almond milk-Let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes or as long as overnight
Add to the blender with
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
2 tbsp organic protein powder
and 1/3 cup almond milk
Blend, pour into a bowl and add some berries of your choice.....about 1/3 of a cup or so
Nutrition Info
350 Cal
7 G fat
0.5 Sat fat
30 G protein
10 G fiber
So good
Really wanted to run outside today but it is nasty out there
So windy and rainy so it is to the gym I go for 10 boring miles....
I just want it to get nice out! This is the worst spring ever
My mom is coming up for the night (Kevin) had surgery here in the city and had to stay here all week so she is coming to pick him up for tomorrow morning, so it is easier for her to stay here them to drive the 3 hours into the city in the am. So we will go shopping tonight for a bit. I think I am taking the weekend off sick *cough cough* since I have girls night in the falls tomorrow and Rays parents are also coming up from Friday to Sunday for a visit and we have not seen them in months.
Oh boy-Gonna be a busy weekend
Oh and I can't wait! 2 more weeks till the farmers market opens!!!!
I just got back from my run.....It would have been so much nicer to run the 10 miles outside but the wind is just too crazy. So 10 miles on a treadmill.....The Most FUN ever.....yuck

I hate the treadmill.-Don`t I look Purty! Um yeah...or not-Glad I was at the womans only for this one.
Of course I didn`t bring a snack and had to pick up a few things (having the gym in the grocery store is convenient) so by the time I got home I was Famished! I roasted some red peppers on the bbq yesterday so I made some homemade red pepper and tomato soup-I finished it with some fresh basil-Very good.

I had some egg beaters scrambled with spinach and some pita (high protein and only 50 cal for a half a pita) I also had the ready to eat tuna (the peanut one) It was good but not sure if it was worth 140 cal. Either way I have to do the floors at home (dark hard wood is brutal for foot prints) and then I am off to get my nails done before I am meeting up with my mom for dinner and shopping.....Well after I chase all the papers down that have blown all over my lawn from this wind storm-Hope I don`t blow away on the highway!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My favorite Cupcake

My goddaughter was over today wearing her new shirt just for me!
Eva will be 10 weeks old on Friday! What a doll!
Not much happening.....I have my tactical rectification in less then 2 weeks!!! So just lots of running and push-ups going on.....Worried since I am going out with the girls in Niagara Falls this weekend for a night out! uhhh oh.....
So back to my re-cert will
I am one of 4 girls in the province on the institutional riot team and It STRESSES ME OUT! (Each jail in the province has a team)
I can not put up a picture of me in all my gear but lets just say I look like a mini ass kicker (and I AM SO NOT FOR REAL THOUGH). My gear bag weights as much as me. I don't talk about my job on here much but I will say I work in a "jail" and as well as my normal duties I am one of 18 people in the facility (out of over 300 officers in the building) on this team and it is a lot of pressure for someone like me who is not naturally tactically minded..... Either way...I am gearing up for an ass kicking on my week long rectification and a night out 1 week before I go can not be a good thing....oh well C'est la vie!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter - Hope you brought your Eating Pants!!

Yesterday we headed a couple hours East to see my family. Spent the evening with my dad and went out to eat for My brothers Birthday
He turned 29!
My brother girlfriend Siobhan is great!

That's her on the right!

My dad and his girlfriend Lisa were there as well

Add caption
and of course me and Ray!

I didn't do to bad-I had chicken and vegetables, I did have a handful of fries and a glass of wine.

When we got back to my mothers we looked at her and he boyfriend Kevin's Mexico pictures!
They look like they had a great time! We looked at our Cuba pics and had some spinach dip and pumpernickel....Then I thought it was a good idea to chug 2 L of water before I went to bed and OMG I though my stomach would explode.....I was in PAIN for 2 hours.....
This morning got up....ate my normal spinach and egg beeters...
Then decorated cupcakes...yes I know MORE take to Easter Dinner.....

The kids loved them!
I took a few pics of the kiddies enjoying them.....LOL the mess!


Clarkie-Such pinch-able cheeks!


I wish I would have got one of Abby too- She is a year old and polished off a carrot and cream cheese. What a cutie......Leah is super picky, but loved her carrot cupcake. During dinner she only would eat by dipping her soother into her mashed potato's and then into her mouth. She then would dip the soother into the icing on the cupcake and into her mouth. She cleaned off the entire cupcake this way...Took her a while but she did it. She is 15 months old and crazy cute. They all are super good kids.....
Had a good visit...too short though. Then back in the car for the long drive home.
We had about 30 people at the dinner so we rent out the town hall....We all bring a dish and my amazing grandmother makes a ton of the food herself (over 80 and going strong)

This is a picture of my Grandparents about a year and a half ago at their 60th wedding anniversary-My Grandpa since had a stroke about a year ago and is now in a wheel chair and tragically as their home is not accessible to a wheelchair he is living in a Care Facility. Hopefully this will not be for much longer as they miss each other and hate being apart but until my Grandma accepts my Grandfather will never be the same and that she will have to move it has to be for now. He has crazy amounts of visitors and is always out for day trips with family, but it is still not the same. This is a man who until last year was hunting every year, driving, and putting in a huge garden. It kills me to see him how he is now-But he is determined that he still has some oomph in him!
I am glad we were able to get down even for a short visit!
Hoppy Eater everyone!
Oh and since x-mas I lost almost 20 lbs...making just over 60 lbs total over the past few my uncle Bob lives in Nunavut and doesn't get down much. I haven't seen him in a year or so....he isn't always the most tactful man. First thing he says to me is....Oh you are so skinny......You must HATE looking at old pictures of yourself! W-T-F- Seriously....What is wrong with you! How rude....I wasn't the elephant man or something......Anyways.....Just sayin!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Summer Clothes

So being 20 lbs lighter then last summer, I need new clothes...naturally! Easier said then done when I don't have the time to do mass shopping. I bought a few things when we went to Cuba in March but I still need a lot of things. I tried on a few things today but didn't buy anything! I needed a second opinion, and I went alone!

I wish I would have gotten them now, I need a dress for Easter Dinner on Sunday.....sigh...I don't know.....I love clothes but I just don't know 1) what looks good on me now and 2) What my style is these days....
In the winter I find all I wear is my work uniform and work out clothes......But now it is almost summer and the nice weather means out and about time and I need clothes!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Radioactive dye and Cupcakes

Today I had a HSG Test done. Not fun but another step in attempts to have a baby. Especially not fun as there were some issues with one of the instruments malfunctioned and the test was much longer and hurt more then normal he said. Basically my tubes are open so that is great news but my Doctor said my Uterus is shaped "abnormally". Great. He wants me to have a 3D ultra sound ASAP to check it out. The test can only be done between day 21-25 so lucky enough tomorrow is day 25 and I made an appointment at the fertility clinic.
So as long as everything is ok tomorrow, if we aren't pregnant 3 months from now I will be starting fertility drugs. This is crazy. So draining emotionally. I try not to think of it daily just on the days like today when I have tests.

The bake sale was a huge success. 40 dozen cupcakes later!!!! I only made 3 different kinds this time and that worked a lot better. Danielle helped again..Thanks goodness!
A lot of people brought in a lot of great things for the sale! Delish....I won't do the final money count until Tuesday but I think we may have made about $1000.00 Not sure yet though.....

Bake Sale Table-Tried to keep it uncluttered and kept re-stocking

Some of the goodies

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Chocolate Mini Egg Cupcakes with Cream Egg Icing-Bunnies

Green Vanilla Easter Baskets 

Pink Vanilla Easter Baskets

Only 10 dozen of the 40 dozen that we made
So glad all this is done!

I have to make some more for my family Easter Dinner on Sunday........Cupcakes everywhere........

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winner Winner-Cupcake dinner (I wish)

I am doing another bake sale at work on Tuesday and this time I have learned from the last one that making 15 different types of cupcakes will only make you crazy. I am offering 3 types only this time!
I did a trial run last week and the first 2 types worked great
1)Carrot spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing
2)Vanilla Jelly Bean East Basket Cupcakes
I did not like the chocolate ones so I re did them today and I think I have a winner
Chocolate Mini Egg Cupcakes with Cadbury Cream Egg Frosting! What could be wrong with this!!!
Oh the Torture! I will take them all to work tomorrow to get rid of them!!

Over My Plateau!......I Hope

It has been tough.....I don't really know why I want to loose a few more lbs I just do. I don't feel like I am where I should/could be. I was staying at 130-131 for a few weeks now and couldn't get over the hump. Last night while R was eating his ice cream (and later Nachos) I didn't give in. I am not saying I will never eat these things I just don't want to right now.
I had a reward this morning (I guess you can call it that) I was 129.0! I haven't seen the 120's since high school! So I guess I will keep sticking it out!
Thanks for all your encouragement!
What do you do to stay motivated when you get bored in your routines?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Will Power

I feal like I have none this second....I wanna cave but I just can not. I am breaking my plateau and I want to be 125 in another week or so. It is really hard at this exact second because I am SOOO HUNGRY and R just pulled out his pint of Haagen Daz Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream! Noooo! I am doing so well......If you remember about 2 weeks ago this was Part of My undoing! This is rough. If I can get through this I am impressed.
Oh and I had to do the stupid beep test yesterday at my Tactical Training Day and only got an 8.0. I have my re-cert in 4 weeks and need to run a 9.0! I did it last year so I better get my but in gear!
KG (my BFF) is doing well on the Dr B diet and has only 7 lbs to go until she is at pre prego weight and baby E is 7 weeks old....impressive if u ask me!
Otherwise I am on track and doing well......
p.s. hate u, stupid last 10 lbs

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yoga in motion

Today myself and 2 friends participated in Yoga in Motion  in support of breast cancer research at Mount Sinai Hospital. We did a yoga class, then zumba another zumba and another yoga last. So 4 classes today. Went well....I still am not a yoga fan but loved the zumba. I think I will take this class up. My gym offers zumba classes daily so I will be doing those soon.

Danielle and Jo getting ready to start first class

D and J at the end of the last class
It was a good day. We got a nice gift bag on the way out. I didn't get any zumba pics or any of myself but Jo did so I will put some on when I get them!

The one girl Candice who taught our second zumba is an instructor from Flirty Girl Fitness  It was great and a good intensity. I will do the gym zumba ones until I get the steps down before I go to FGF.
What a weekend

Monday, April 4, 2011

The scale is my friend today

When I weighted in on Thursday and I saw +8.8 looking back at me, I had to laugh. Who gains8.8lbs in 10 days! Now not to say I didn't have a mini panic attack either would be a lie. So I did strict for 4 days and I am back to 130.0! Excellent......I have changed my goal and am shooting for 5-10 more lbs. I will reevaluate on April 17 if I will restart maintenance. Now the only difference between this time on strict and last time is that I have to do 5 days of cardio this time-ugh.....
I have a physical rectification for the tactical team in 5 weeks! Ah man.....So I have no choice......R has his physical re cert today so hope he does well, but 12 years in the Army before this so he can "just make him self do it\'. Not fair......
Well official weigh in tomorrow at Dr. B. I  really hate being on strict and I should just stay on maintenance but I am at the top of the weight range I want to be at so I think at least 5 more lbs. Just rambling.....
On a side note -It EFFIN SNOWED here last night!!!! WTF it is April 4!