Sunday, August 28, 2011

Work Golf Tournament

Kelly and I were asked to volunteer at the 2 annual work golf tournament.
Friday morning I went for a quick 10 km run and then got ready to drive the hour to the golf course.
We got there a bit late (about 15 minutes) but no one was surprised we were late. We stopped at Marks (one of the organizers of the tournament) to pick up some people.
To give you an idea of the people we work is Mark!

We litterly crammed 3 other people into Kelly's car and I drove us to the course.
Once we got there we unloaded all the prizes from Roops car (well the boys did anyways).
We set up all the prizes, there was a lot of great prizes! See

There were a few different groups of volunteers.
 There was Nikki and Mel
 Nikki in the white
Here is Mel
They ran the Grey Goose Hole
Then we had JD and Some girl we work with
They ran the longest drive hole.
There was another group for the straightest drive hole but I missed them somehow.
Then there was me and Kelly. They gave us the 50/50 and the water/Gatorade girl job. I think they knew we couldn't sit still long enough to man a hole for 5 hours. So we booted about in our golf cart, selling tickets for the 50/50, giving out the water and taking drink orders.....We are helpful like that.
We may have had a drink or two while performing our duties!
Here is the wining team from last year...interesting attire choice boys

Here is Marty and Jay....The did an overnight the night before and had a shot of tequila for breakfast....enough said........That poor poor donkey......(not their real hair) also had a super soaker in there that Kelly and I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting....ugh.....boys never grow up....
And this was the winning team this year!

As the day went on things got a bit is some excerpts from the day......

Saturday, August 27, 2011

30km run in the books!

I don't really have many new pictures for you! But I will be moving to my own place as of Thursday so I know I will be back to normal soon! Thanks to everyone for sticking by me through the summer. I know I haven't been the best blogger, but I will make up for it! It is hard when you are at a different place almost every night. I have tons of stories for you all! I have been keeping up with the running and did my 30km run today! Wow it felt great! Only a couple long runs left before I start the taper runs! Wow only 6 weeks till the marathon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tornado watch

Sitting in the basement on a tornado watch with Kelly and Bevie....Hope the tornado misses us.... Yikes

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

27 km.....pffff

I took my dads advice and SLOWED down my long run today. It sucked major to run 6 min 20 sec kms but apparently this is how to train for a marathon. So I did it. I had to watch my garmin steady cause I kept going to fast. I managed to hold my turtle pace till km 22 when I said screw it and sped up. I didn't go too fast, just did my last 5 km around 5 min 45 sec kms and that felt better. I think I could have done 30 easy today but I will save that for next week. I drove to the gym and started my run from there so once it was done I took my hot mess of a self into the gym and did some weights and push ups.
After that I had a quick shower at the gym and then ran around like a crazy person trying to get a million things done before I go away for the weekend. One thing I had to do was a pedicure.....Not for please but because my feet are a mess. I get a pedi ever 2 weeks but my poor feet still look like this
The poor lady who does my feet didn't know what to do. Toe two is about to loose the nail, and toe 4 promptly lost the nail shortly after this picture was taken. I have bubble blisters on my arches and heel's......ugh gross.....
I am glad the run went well....30 km next week! yikes
Oh another note....I found a new place for myself as of September 1st! I can not wait....It is sooooo cute......Now if I can just find some boys to move my
I go away tomorrow until Sunday to a cottage. I can not wait to get out of the city....Gonna do some short runs while I am there but other then that gonna take it easy....It is my Birthday weekend after all!
Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday Fun Day

Tomorrow I have a million things to do....but first up....a 27KM  RUN!
Wish me luck!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Bass

So excited for this weekend! Wish I could elaborate, but hopefully soon! So nice too look forward to something!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I found my wheels!

Who says 3 hours sleep and red wine are a bad idea before a 25 km training run!
ok....well maybe it is a bad idea but for me it lit a fire under me today!
15km Tempo and 10km race pace = 25km ! I felt great! It was like I was being pushed up the hills......The temperature and humidity has dropped a lot so I think that helped a lot!
I am off to look at a new place I hope it is nice.....I need to get back to normal.
Nathan and Kelly have been AMAZING and I know I can stay here longer but it is just not mentally good for me to be so dependent on others. Plus they need their space as well. I stayed with Heather a few nights since Kelly has been in Newfoundland since she is closer to work. She just moved into her new place. I am pretty sure I am gonna end up in her neighbourhood.
After the viewing I am gonna hit the gym for some weights.....(The push-ups are really doing wonders for my arms...I am up at about 150 every other day.....)

and then off to a BBQ with some work people. I think it will be a busy weekend......I can not wait till next weekend though! (Tell yas later)...
Have a good weekend!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting it together

When your life changes so much in such a short period of time, it is amazing what stress can do to your body.
My system is all messed up, completely off balance.
Thank god for running!
I set out to do a 25 k from my friend Heathers house (Staying here while Kelly is in Newfoundland) and since I am not fimular with this town I wrote out the directions on my arm again and was off!
Here I am about to take off-Kinda scared as this was my longest run ever! Never did more then 21.1 k before! Uncharted territory!
I started out with a ginormous! I had set in my head to keep my pace around 6 minute 15 second km's......I know slow, but I didn't wanna burn out.
I had a problem keeping my pace this slow and for the first 12 Km I was feeling fantastic! I was thinking that I was a superstar or something.....Until I realized I had missed a street and had went about 2 km out of my way! Damn it!
So I stopped and pulled out my phone and checked the GPS-Saw that I could change my route but that the run would only be 23km.....But if I kept going my original way it was gonna be over 27 km! ahhh
I'll take the 23km route.....
So at 15 km in I hit the wall hard...The sun came out with a vegence and IT GOT HOT!
I drug my self through the last 8 km....(Almost all up hill BTW)......
I was so happy to be done....Did it around 2 hr 20 min.....I am ok with that.
I will do the 25 km either Friday or Saturday this week but this time I am gonna drive down to the water and run there......Less hills and better scenery!
I was soaked when I got back to the house! It was like  I jumped in the lake......Even though I wore sunscrean I got a super sext farmers tan (sock AND shorts line) So hot! (Not hot actually)lol....

Ouch......Pumped off 100 push-ups and called it a day and went shopping with Heather for the rest of the day.
We had a yummy recovery meal at Extreeme Pita, and spent the next 5 hours running around town

Delish-Chicken Pita with pita chips and chipotele hummus and a Chocolate milk! mmmm......
Over all I am just ok in general right now....Feal a bit numb.....I really need to start looking for a place to live....ugh.....Hate moving.......

P.S. Spell check isnt working so please be kind.....I don't spell so well!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 As I said-Friday called for a Girls Night Out. Went out and did a 10 K in 50 minutes in the am, then rushed off to a hair appointment and had my hair blown out straight. Kelly's and I left the house around 1:30 and went to the mall. We both got a cute new dress and then headed downtown! We got to the Cosmopolitian Hotel in the heart of downtown around 4 or so. Love valet parking! We were checked in quickly and fell in love with the room.

We had a couple Rum and Red Bulls, put on the hotel robes and danced around in our high heals like a couple of fools.

Our biggest issue of the night was what shoes to wear! Love it!

 Kelly needed a night out as much as me I am sure. She will be in Newfoundland for both of our birthdays (she leaves today) So it was a bit of a Birthday Celebration.

Kelly all dressed up.....Can you believe she had a baby less then 6 months ago!.....

We were excited to get going and went out for a quick bite to eat the The Keg, and then back to the hotel to freshen up!

We went to This is London and Brant House. It was great. We didn't have to wait in line or pay any covers. Had some drinks and danced our face off. We got home at noon and a nap was more in order. I won't even corrupt you and tell you want I did on Saturday but I will just say that I definitely saw the sun come up on Sunday morning.
Tine to detox and run my ass off all week. Can't wait for Saturday!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back on the Bank Wagon

I am at work. I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 0630-1830 this week. Then I am off for another week. I had an AMAZING weekend (I'll re cap it later this week with some pictures).
Time to clean it up this week. I have plans this Saturday, but until then it is all clean eating and running. I am staying with another girlfriend for the next couple nights and she will run with me after work. She runs my pace and we push each other so hopefully I get in a couple good runs.
My whole body hurts! I am definitely too old to be out drinking 2 nights in a row until dawn! Gross