Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Cinnamon Buns

R and I are both actually off this weekend!! BUT his parents came up last night and will stay until tomorrow morning. They are sleeper inners, I am a morning person!
So I was up nice and early and made Homemade Cinnamon Buns and Cheese Buns! Ymm....and I actually had a small one of each. This is a rare occurrence, but for once I decided to have one. It was so tasty!
Cheese Buns-Cheddar and Brie

Cinnamon Buns-These don't have the glaze on them yet!

We had a good breakfast, but I am feeling a bit full from the white flour! But oh well! Below is my current weight! It's maintaining as I add new food, and am back running. So at this point I would say that Dr. Bernstein was worth the 6 weeks of diet hell. We booked Cuba for March 21! Can't wait!

 Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! It is snowing here again!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a busy week

It is one of those weeks that feels like it keeps going on and on and on (I am a shift worker so my weeks don't run Monday to Sunday). One thing after another. This is supposed to be my short week and me and my big mouth had me at work yesterday for OT (on a holiday no less!!!!) doing a cooking program in Unit 3. At least I was home by 1 but at that point by the time I had cleaned up (smelled like turkey bacon, gross) I had 0 motivation to do anything.....Not like anything was open but I could have went for a run......Instead (and for the first time I can remember in a very long time) I layed on the couch and had a nap! WTF......I was so tired so I guess it is ok once in a while!
Now I only have today off and have to do 2 night shifts, Wednesday and Thursday, and I HATE NIGHTS!
I weighed in this morning......130.2lbs! A 1 lb loss!
.2 from goal!

Friday, February 18, 2011

My goddaughter is here

Baby Eva is here. I am so tired!!!! KG did great. She had a procedure where they reach in and turn the baby yesterday, apparently sometimes this brings on labour! Well apparently it worked. Midnight I was woken up, KGs water broke bu t she was told to wait to come in the am. I went to work thinking I would leave early only to get a call at 7 am that she was 5cm dilated and just had the epidural (she went to hospital in middle of night). They told her by having the epidural they said it could slow her down and she might be there for a long time. I was paged at 0830 and KG said OMG I am 9cm hurry! So I called the shift IC and said I needed relief! And I was off....I wasn't gonna change but decided I better, so I changed quickly (put my shirt inside out even). I got to the hospital and went to the labour and delivery wing and as I was asking where to find KG I heard her saying "Is that Aleasha"? Come in here". So in I went to the delivery room! 15 min later my goddaughter was born! So pretty already!
2 min old
So amazing to see her born. What a gift. I love this precious angel so much.
So proud of KG. I couldn't be happier (we are closer then most sisters).
6 hrs old

7 hrs old
She had her first bath....and KG only had 2 stitches! wow.....amazing...picture perfect birth!
I called in to work and took tomorrow off, I can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Side not I then had to rush home and make 6 doz cupcakes for an order tomorrow! So tired.....
R and I went out to eat. I had some naughty food, will have to make up for it tomorrow!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday I was worried that I felt so full all day. (Even though I ran yesterday). I am not trying to loose weight, per say, but just maintain. I hadn't weighed myself since Sunday (I was a bit scared after Monday's Baked goods binge (I was running the bake sale, and the treats were calling to me).
At the bake sale I ate 2 sugar cookies, 1 strawberry tart, 2 2x2 pieces of homemade Candy (so good) and about 5 other assorted treats. Yikes But I NEVER do this so once isn't gonna kill anyone.
Anyways....after that and my sushi night on Tuesday (I only ate 2 pieces of a tuna roll, but I also had 8 pieces of sashimi, 1 tempura shrimp, 1 tempura sweet potato and a ton of wasabi, ginger, soy sauce and spicy mayo.....I guess this is pretty good as I used to eat all rolls and be almost sick from too much rice, so this way I had hardly any rice. I really should have stayed away from the tempura but considering I had 2 pieces its not the worst I could have done). Oh and 2 glasses of red wine
Weighed today and still 131.2! Nice...I guess my metabolism is still working, I was a bit worried about it being totally messed up after being on such a low calorie diet for 5 weeks.
I think the last pound will come off at the gym.
Last night I made some healthy snacks, that I can carry with me to the gym, so if I have stuff to do after the gym I won't be starving by the time I get home. Boit are around 100 calories each.

Mini Banana Oat muffins (3 per serving)

Banana Oat Muffins

Cranberry, Raisin, Coconut Oat bars

Cranberry, Raisin, Coconut Oat bars-All packaged up for travel!
I also spent a small fortune getting my maintenance food. I have been compiling healthy recipes for the last month that will keep me interested. I am not saying I am going Vegan or Organic or anything (I have heard the debates that it is just a waste of money) But I also see the studies that suggest the opposite. So I am going to go somewhere in the middle. Try to stay away from artificial anything (Will get off the splenda one day, but one thing at a time). Any one with healthy recipes that also taste great I would love to hear them. I am looking for main protein dishes for my lunch and supper (This is where I tend to get stuck).
On another note I am SORE! And so happy about it. Before I started the diet and went on a break from the gym, yesterdays workout would have been a easy day,k like if I was in a rush. But it's great to get back at it.
Back at it today. Working 4 in a row starting tomorrow (Took overtime for Monday as it is Family day and a big $$$$$ day, especially as it is OT).
Oh and the sad part....I have to clean out my closet today....booooo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maintenance Daily food intake-Day 1

Day 1 Week 1 of Maintenance and I AM SO FULL-I am super worried that I am doing something wrong. I am so full all day. I am very scared that I will gain weight back, so I am trying to follow the plan properly. Here is my daily food intake today.
Breakfast was a Pumpkin smoothie with Almond Milk, Pumpkin, Splenda, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Nutmeg (Blended with ice)-Very yummy
 I had 2 coffee as well in the morning
I had this before I went to the gym
1/2 cup Greek 0% yogurt with 1 small banana and a handful of Blueberries

Lunch-Tuna with 1 T FF mayo, celery, onion and lettuce. On a 100 cal WW bagel (Only ate half the bagel, just at the tuna off the top of the second half) with a FF Cheese slice melted on top, with some lettuce.

1 Cup homemade roasted pepper (I roasted them), Tomato and spinach soup. No oil, no salt.

Supper-1 Cup Egg Beaters with broccoli, green pepper and a FF cheese slice. 1 Small parsnip roasted in the oven with spices, no oil. A side of fresh salsa (2 T) So filling. Oh and 1 mini Whole Wheat (WW) Pita

So that's what I ate today. I may have a diet pink crush later 
This is only 1035 calories? How?
I feel like I gained 5 lbs today!
On the other hand I got back to the gym! Yeah! Didn't over do it....Just 30 Min of speed and incline intervals (6.0-9.0 speed and 0 -7 incline). I did some light upper body weights and some push-ups Haven't done any in 2 months (Sad I could only do 15) Gonna have to work on these (Need to be up to 30 by May)
If anyone has any suggestions as to why I feel so full and bloated I would love to hear it!

New Love

I found a recipe on one of the blogs I follow about a month ago and have been thinking everyday that I can't wait to go on maintenance to try it.
1st Maintenance day and I couldn't wait to get up this morning.....
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie smoothie...You have to try this
1/2 Cup of canned pumpkin (no salt, just pure pumpkin)
1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
.5 tsp Vanilla
.5tsp Cinnamon
2 Splenda (Called for molasses but I used Splenda)
A little bit of fresh ground Nutmeg
3 Ice Cubes
Put in blender and blend until smooth
Total = 91 Calories! And so good!

1st day back to the gym today too! Can't wait to get back to normal.
I haven't run in over a month so I am kind of scared at how out of shape I am gonna be.......Plus I have a half marathon to train for at the end of May and a Tach Recert at the begining of May (I HATE THE BEEP TEST).....Here goes nothing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Starting Maintenance tomorrow....and back to the GYM!!!! YEAH

5 Weeks of no gym is just crazy to me. I have been a gym rat for years now. I have learned how to be a really good weight maintainer...but I suck at loosing weight. I tend to eat very healthy and treat myself now and then but when it comes to a full out diet it is very rough for me to do it if I am working out. When I run 6 days a week I just can not go low cal.
So last November while training for a fitness test I pulled something in my right knee. For someone who runs 6 days a week it was devastating.
Over the last year and a bit I have had to take a week off here and there.
So I decided I wanted to loose the last 15 lbs. I took the last 5 weeks off from the gym and focused on diet. The wight is gone and I am 1 lb from my goal weight. I will start maintenance tomorrow and get my butt back to the gym! I am so excited to run! I feel very out of shape. I will see tomorrow where I am.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bake Sale OVER!! I seam to have these bright ideas-and then I have to do them and they don't seam so smart anymore! Bake Sale is over.....30 dozen cupcakes sold out! Plus the sales of the donated goods, all gone!!
Raised over $700! Nice!
Here are some of the cupcakes

Combo Pack

Gone Bananas!!

Some me some (Chocolate) Love

PB Cup
Very happy with the results and already planning the next bake sale for next month!! I go again!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

30 dozen cupcakes later

So off I went to use the life skills room at work to bake cupcakes. DT came into help me and THANKS GOD. I always get these great ideas...well they seam great until I have to do them! This was one of those moments!
30 Dozen cupcakes....what was I thinking!!!!
Well baking for 8 hours and its all done! Can't wait for the bake sale tomorrow! I will take some pictures of all the kinds we made...they look so pretty!!!!
So glad I remembered to bring my lunch! It was ok-Stir fry with shrimp. Since I can\t use any sauce I used some low sodium soy sauce and horseradish......

DT helping me-In the middle of cupcake baking
 So I am too would up to go to I am having some wine......Plus I know I didn't drink nearly enough water today...I will be sorry tomorrow!

F%$# The Scale

Weighed in at 131.2 this morning.....
1 pound to go.
Its only been 5 and a half weeks and I wanna pull out my hair. If you have done this for a long period of time I am amazed by you.
I would LOVE to quit right now and just be "normal" (well my normal) but I already know if I go I am screwed. The maintenance part of this diet and the reintroduction is very important. So I will start maintenance Tuesday and just get this over with!
How do you do it?
What keeps you going?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gettin paid

I had 2 cupcake orders this weekend

Strawberry Shortcake
Red Velvet

 And then an order for a birthday party for a 3 year old
Orange Creamsicle

Chocolate Dream revised batch

The first batch of Chocolate Dream-Total fail- threw this one out

Strawberry Shortcake with white chocolate "3" for the birthday girls 3rd birthday
All in all it was nice to get paid for doing cupcakes!
Tomorrow is another story....I have 24 dozen cupcakes to make!!!! OMG

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who doesn't need a vacation!

I need a vacation!
Cuba in a couple weeks. I can't wait.
I had a weigh in on Monday.
Monday night we went to friends for dinner. We brought the appetizers. R made a salad with some nice Heirloom Tomato's, basil, fresh mozzarella and some nice garlic stuffed olives. He made a balsamic dressing. Very good. I made a puff pastry tart with caramelized onions and brie. They were just great. At our friends place they had Lasagna! OMG. I actually have not ate a pasta dish in about 2 years! But I ate this. A big honkin piece, to go with the 4 appetizers and salad I had. I washed it all down with 3 glasses of red wine. uhhh oh. Then I had to have one of the Red Velvet Cupcakes that I had made for dessert.
I felt sooooo full. So I spent the rest of this week trying to make up for my sins.
I WI tomorrow and I want to go on maintenance no matter what. I really want to make my 130 goal but I am not too hopeful.
I don't get to add much new food, but I do get back so very important foods. Pumpkin, Bananas and yogurt. TG!
Not looking forward to the WI.
I also have 5 dozen cupcakes ordered for tomorrow delivery by 1330 hours! Busy day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Cupcakes

Cupcakes if the day!

Red Velvet Cupcake with a Cream Cheese Icing
Shortcake Cupcakes with a Strawberry Swiss Meringue Butter Cream

Dulce De Leche Cupcake Filled with a Caramel, topped with a Banana Cream Cheese

Bake sale is on Monday. Will be baking all weekend!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

But then what?

It's one of those days we all have-Is it worth it. I have 2 pounds to go until I hit my "goal" weight. Although I think I might go 5 more we will see, but this is besides the point right now. This is a weight that I have fought so hard to get to for 9 years. I have dieted, went without, ran my but off (literally). There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears riding on hitting this weight. It is more then a number on the scale. It is about not quitting, especially because I have wanted to so many times. I am 2 pounds away from my "goal" weight of 130lbs from my all time high weight of 190lbs. And at 5'4 that was not healthy. And that is what it comes down to. I just want to be healthy. I feel like I have to stay so strict though because as soon as I slip....that's it. I may never stop.
I am also scared to hit my goal too though....what then?
Maintain? But it you have nothing to work towards that can be dangerous too.
I have ran 2 half marathons. Both decent times of just under 2 hours. Not great but OK. I know at this weight I could probably do way better. The last one I ran I was 15 lbs heavier then I am now. So maybe training for a full marathon should be my new goal once I hit 130 lbs.
I WI tomorrow. I am hoping to be 131.4ish......Then I am giving myself until Friday February 11 to be 130lbs....Goal reached.......I hope....but
What do others do when they finally hit that goal they have been reaching for forever?
I may just be rambling here but I hope it makes a bit of sense.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sigh.....Working the weekend

Today was good....running around getting pampered....(sometimes feels like more torture then anything)
Nails, spa and all the stuff in between
But there was one saving grace....Lulu Lemon

My new Lulu duds

New Lulu bag = Love 

Lunch-Yummy smoothie (Actually cheating with this one, but too good to care

Supper- Lettuce wraps with soy ground round, tomato's salsa and jalapenos....yum
Just wanna wear my new lulu clothes......
Tuesday is practice day for Tach Team......still get nervous!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh In Day...Love it

I don't know where this crazy snow storm is? I mean it snowed quite a bit but the city is not at a stand still by any means. R called into work and over 20 people called in sick today due to the "storm". Idiots.....It was worse last week, but because environment Canada wasn't calling it snowmageddon or whatever people didn't freak out. Anyways.....R went to the weigh in with me but sat in the least he drove me there.
Well I am happy I waited out the last crappy weigh in. I was pretty discouraged to see a .2 loss on Friday. I stuck it out and got a 2.6 Lb pay off this morning. Only 2.4 lbs to go to goal weight.
132.6 Lbs is the current
I can almost taste the 120's
This feels vain but I don't care...I have been trying so long to hit my goal weight....Literally almost 10 years. That's why I chose a blog specifically for this so I don't have to bother friends and family with my updates! LOL...
I am sitting here Drinking a Tassimo Skinny Chai Latte....Not a regular delish and only 35 Cal. It is a treat for sure.
Tassimo Skinny Chai Latte
I got the maintenance book today so I can start to look at it so I can be ready. If anyone has any tips that has done Dr. Bernstein I would love to hear it. Here is to loosing 16 Lbs in January!
Now to convince R to shovel the driveway!

Day of Food

Breakfast-Egg Beaters with spinach, tomato and cilantro

Soy ground round and onions I used 3 oz

Half a pita cut and baked with pepper and garlic powder

Allegro Jalapeno 4% cheese -2oz

2 TBSP salsa

Lunch- yumm-Dr B approved nachos
I can't believe how good this was. Atleast I have a new dish to get me through the next couple weeks!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One of those days!

Some times I just wanna scream
Fake mad but you get the idea
Anyways.....Had a rough day at work. Not hard just annoying idiots as my regular shift partners were off the unit for a variety of reasons.
It makes it even harder to stick to my meal plan when all I wanna do is have something yummy to eat.....
Especially with this looming snow storm that is supposed to hit tonight.
I am sure it didn't help but I was reading Oh she glows amazing recipes all day. Especially hard since I haven't had my oatmeal in almost a month....Then I come across something I had no idea even existed....Overnight Oats 
Apparently I have been living in a hole!
As soon as I am on maintenance I have so many recipes to try from her are a few I am the most excited about
Gingerbread Overnight Oats
Pumpkin Gingerbread        OMG seriously!
Quinoa Cereal
Coconut Chai Latte
Carrot Cake Smoothie     This is what caught my eye first

Ok I will stop....So happy I found these recipes! I am looking forward to maintenance and have some yummy healthy food that will keep me on the right track

WI in the morning!