Thursday, September 15, 2011


Its been so crazy lately. So much to tell. Living alone is weird I don't mind it though, gives me lots of time to concentrate on training. Here is my pre-run meal. I get excited for my long run days just cause I get to have this for breakfast! Delish!

I probably shouldn't of had that second coffee....Had a bit of heart burn from it, but it was short lived......
I did a 33k on Saturday. It went well. Its kind of hard to hold back on these training runs and not go as fast as want to but on the advice of more experienced runners I am doing it. I did the 33k in 3hr 25 min.Seams sooooo slow. On the plus side am still doing negative splits on my long runs so guess that means I have more in me.......AND my shin splints seam to be gone!!!! Yeah....they were killing me for the first 5 kms of all my runs for the last month or so. Don't know where they came from , but I am glad they are gone! My friend Julie ran the first 16 k with me, it was nice to have company.  At the half way point my stomach was growling and I knew I knew I would never made it with out some fuel. So did something I have never did before. I ran into a gas station ad grabbed a power bar.

I ate while I ran. My stomach hates solids  before a run so I was nervous about what would happen. But oddly enough, it was ok for the most part. I got a small stitch for about 2k but it went away and I finished strong. I may try to bring a banana this week.
I had a nice COLD ice bath when I got in.....There were way more ice cubes when I first got in just forgot to get the picture until after. I was making ice for 2 days to prep for this ice bath.....It helped a lot!

My thighs were pretty tight for about 2 days after the run so I will do one more 33k this week and then a 36k next week. I can't believe the marathon is in 4 and a half weeks! OMG! I am kinda scared. Any advice to get over these jitters? I know a lot of you all have marathons coming up too! I did go out he other night on a whim with my friend Heather. I felt so old at the bar! But we had good time. Just had a couple glasses of wine and danced up a storm! Should be fun, but gotta get my long run in before do. Does anyone else have trouble finding a place to do these super long runs? Its hard to find places, I don't wanna run in circles. Would rather do one huge loop or a straight line. On the plus side it has helped me to learn my new city very well already!                  

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Miss S. said...

If it makes you feel any better, pretty sure it would take me at least a day to complete a 33k....and I would probably have to be chased by a lion or something!