Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The big move

Well I am all moved into my new place. Thanks to my Dad and a few big guys from work I didn't even have to lift a finger.....I am way better at telling people where to put stuff anyways.
Once everything was all moved in my Dad and I went to The Brick and I got a beautiful new leather Living Room set. Love it, and a kitchen table. After he left I went shopping and got a bit excited and spent way too much money on things for the house.
The first night in my place alone was great. Besides the fact that I was tripping over everything. When I took a closer look I saw that they didn't do a very good job of cleaning this place......actually it was gross. So glad my Mom and Step-Dad were coming down the next day to help me. I had to work Friday-Sunday 12 hour days, so My Mom and Kevin got here around 10am and started the process of storing all my things out. First off my Mom is the best cleaner in the world, so when she offered to set me up I was excited. Now Kevin is a handy man and also an electrician so I knew that they were gonna get me in order.
I got home Friday night only to hear that there were so problems with the new place. I'll short list it here for you, Mice......I had Mice.....gross.....So they set traps and I think we are ok. No shelves in the linen closet....wtf....So they went and got some cut at Home Depot. The light in the bathroom over the vanity was shorted out and a fire hazard cause it wasn't installed properly. Kevin bought and installed a new one. The back yard was full of garbage and just gross over all. Mom took out a full garbage bag of crap from the back yard. The windows were disgusting as were the baseboards. The toilet seat had to be replaced......The stove top took two hours to clean from all the baked on gunk.
Now don't get me wrong, this place is so cute and in a great area, the landlords just didn't do a proper cleaning before handing me the keys. So the landlord is coming tonight since I called to tell them what was going on. I have about $250 in receipts that she needs to pay back.
By Saturday when I came home Mom and Kevin were gone, but my place was completely unpacked and CLEAN!!!! So exciting.
Yesterday and Today are my days off and yesterday EVERYTHING was closed because of Labor Day. Ugh....I need stuff! Julie came over for a 8km run with me and then I went to Johan's to watch Bachelor Pad (Since I don't have a TV.....Don't worry I am getting one today!).
This morning I am drinking coffee and waiting for Julie to run again (10km) Then we are off to shop! I will take some pictures very soon of the new place.....It is so adorable and I am in love with it. Living alone is ok so far, I can see how it can get lonely for sure.
Now that I have a home base again I can get back to normal, which means cooking, baking, seeing friends, and of course Blogging! I have missed it sooooo much. I managed to keep up with my running for the most. I did my 30 km run in the blazing heat last week, and have a 33km scheduled for this weekend! The marathon is coming up quick! Only 6 more weeks!
Other then that I am pretty boring.....I am now ``the single friend`weird......
I don`t wanna date right now....I hate the whole dating process in general....
Besides where am I even going to meet someone? Not at work.....so WHERE????
Anyways I don't need to worry about that right now!


Anonymous said...

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Christie said...

That's great your loving your new place. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Floriana said...

Congrats on getting into your new place. Glad you are loving it. Btw, you have such a wonderful and very supportive family. Lucky you :)