Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random Picture Catch Up!

Ok....This is just to get up to date and maybe understand a bit of what I have been up to....This is in no particular order (sorry) and just some of the highlights of the last 2 years.....Then we can get back to business.....
This first picture is me and Kelly at the Marathon....I ran the full thing! And I mean I ran my butt off....It was the best run I have ever had, and I truly enjoyed every second of it.....
I was trained and ready.....3 Hr and 55 min....I'll take it!
Friday I got home early from work and found this.....What a sweetie...

I was soo soo sore from pump class.....The bath was a perfect way to start the weekend....
What a great Valentines Day
And a little treat!
July 24, Kelly had her second daughter.....Elena....Such a cutie

My Brother was Married in July ....My mom and I did the cupcakes!

Jeremy ad Siobhan
The Wedding was so nice....at the Toronto Argonauts Yacht Club....Beautiful View

Summer 2013-I am up and down this same 10 lbs....I pretty much maintain but life was so crazy for a while that I used that as an excuse to slack....not completely happy with how I look or feel right now....I am back on it now but it was rough for a while

Jay's game...Summer 2013

I threw Shane a surprise Birthday Party!

This is me on my last day at work!
I changed facilities......It is great so far!

We went to Cancun February 2011! It was an amazing trip!

My Goddaughter turns 3 today!
I am making her a Quinoa Chocolate Cake....it is in the oven now.....

I have spent many fun nights with friends!

Shane and I had a nice quiet Christmas together this year with just a few family members over.....It was our first Christmas living together.......(Shane, Carla, Me and Mark)

Here is my 1st Nephew Cooper!!! He just turned 1! He is such a funny little guy!

We threw an AMAZING New Years Eve Masquerade Formal....
(Yup I made this slate Cheese Board....I love it)

It turned out well! The menu took hours but was worth it!

Some of the girlies......(Heather, Kelly, Me and Julie (She had a baby 3 days after this picture))

Just three of the guys....(Steven, Shane and Mark)
16 people were here that night.......it was packed)

January 14, 2014 we left for Punta Cana!!!
With this crazy weather this weekend it was great to get some sun!!!!!!
Punta Cana

How I miss the Ocean!!!!

Baby Izaiah...Born January 4 2014
Such a cutie! 

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