Sunday, August 28, 2011

Work Golf Tournament

Kelly and I were asked to volunteer at the 2 annual work golf tournament.
Friday morning I went for a quick 10 km run and then got ready to drive the hour to the golf course.
We got there a bit late (about 15 minutes) but no one was surprised we were late. We stopped at Marks (one of the organizers of the tournament) to pick up some people.
To give you an idea of the people we work is Mark!

We litterly crammed 3 other people into Kelly's car and I drove us to the course.
Once we got there we unloaded all the prizes from Roops car (well the boys did anyways).
We set up all the prizes, there was a lot of great prizes! See

There were a few different groups of volunteers.
 There was Nikki and Mel
 Nikki in the white
Here is Mel
They ran the Grey Goose Hole
Then we had JD and Some girl we work with
They ran the longest drive hole.
There was another group for the straightest drive hole but I missed them somehow.
Then there was me and Kelly. They gave us the 50/50 and the water/Gatorade girl job. I think they knew we couldn't sit still long enough to man a hole for 5 hours. So we booted about in our golf cart, selling tickets for the 50/50, giving out the water and taking drink orders.....We are helpful like that.
We may have had a drink or two while performing our duties!
Here is the wining team from last year...interesting attire choice boys

Here is Marty and Jay....The did an overnight the night before and had a shot of tequila for breakfast....enough said........That poor poor donkey......(not their real hair) also had a super soaker in there that Kelly and I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting....ugh.....boys never grow up....
And this was the winning team this year!

As the day went on things got a bit is some excerpts from the day......

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Christie said...

Looks like you all had a blast!!