Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just call me Dave-Y

I miss Ray!! He will be home Monday at 11 am!!!!

ugh....I got up around 8am and had coffee with KELLY and packed up. I hit the road around 11am and drove the 45 minutes to my place.
I hadn't been home since Wednesday when Ray left for Winnipeg, so my house was a write off-I cleaned the floors and dusted, got the mail and aired it out. I packed up my road snacks and pre race food for tomorrow....somehow I deleted this picture!
About an hour in I grabbed a iced cap made with chocolate milk-my fave-and kept moving

I got a phone call from my dad about 1.5 hours in saying that race bandits will be pulled out of the race and that without a bib I wouldn't even be allowed to get into the starting area!WTF-Now I didn't register because by the time I went to register (months in advance) the race was already SOLD OUT I was upset that I wouldn't have an chip time but I was still gonna run it......So at 2pm today (race kits had to be picked up by 4) I was in the car on my phone on kijiji sending out emails to try and find a bib! It was that or turn around and go home and waste the time off work, missing the trip to Winnipeg with Ray....having to spend $200 on mew race clothes(oh come on like you wouldn't) and all the training.......I stopped around 3pm at a rest stop to buy steal a car charger (when I was in the rest stop store my phone rang and it was seconds from was a guy about a race bib so I ran out of the store into the restaurant section of the rest stop to find a charger..While talking to him (HE HAD A BIB TO SELL) I set up my computer to try to get on the wi-fi at the rest stop....The man was super nice and even without paying him he gave me the bib info and my dad was able to go pick up my kit!!!!!
I was so happy and on the road again only 30 minutes behind.....
I got into Ottawa and off the highway to go into downtown and as I got off the ramp I saw this

DAMN RAMP BACKED UP-It took me 20 minutes to go 2 km.....There was a accident on Nicholas right before downtown and it slowed everything down......
I then got lost for another 10 minutes-with a GPS and the fact that I lived in this city for 10 years meaning nothing apparently....I made it to the hotel-It doesn't look like a hotel from the outside it looks like an apartment LES is nice and roomy so I will be on the pullout couch but that works for me.....
We went to BLUE CACTUS to eat....I have been here before when I lived in Ottawa....It was pretty good...I had the Bison burger and fries (carbs!!!!) BUT didn't eat the you can see here I took it off-----too much bread

We went to The BAKERY Obama went to when he was in Ottawa
I love this Bakery-Ray and I used to come down and get fresh bread from it-So after supper we were looking for something sweet......

Too many choices
I had to have a cookie for the walk back to the hotel-

 -So good
We got back and had a sugar party

Mini Cheesecake

Fruit Bread Pudding

Mini Pecan Tart and Mini Blueberry Tart
 The desserts were fantastic

Dads Bib

My Bib
Ok so I forgot that there are names on the bibs and when I bought this one from a guy named Dave I never thought about it until I opened the kit up-Hmmmmm Dave eh....great....So I am a 45 year old man named Dave-Rough- So I don't wanna look like I am nuts so all I could think of to do it add a "Y" to the Dave and go with Davey-Davey can be a girls name.............right?
Damn it

My dad swears by these salt tabs-I will try them tomorrow

 I can not stomach Gu-So he got me some Gu-Gummy candies-They taste pretty good-So I will use those instead-Puking sucks so I would rather not eat the Vile Gu
Running Time Chip

 Dad putting on his chip-
So I think we are ready to go!

11TH floor view of downtown Ottawa
So I am off to bed so I can get up at 6am-We are only a 10 minute walk to the start line!
9am tomorrow-Go Davey-GO!


Kelly said...

Good luck Davey!!

sarah said...

Good luck, Davey!!