Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm almost there

I was up before my 530am alarm. I wasn't nervous or very excited this morning....I felt like I was just going for a Sunday run. Funny how 15k is so less concerning then a 21k! Maybe because it was also the first run I was doing totally on my own. (apparently I have no friends) I love getting up early so I wasn't dragging myself up at least!

I had a yummy breakfast -1/2 a toasted multi-grain bagel on 1/2 I put Nutella and on the other 1/2 I put natural PB and honey (I was running the BREAD AND HONEY 15K after all-with some chia seed and a banana-I drank 1L of water and a coffee while I read blogs!-I had a shower and yelled at gently work up Ray to take a picture of me before I left!
The run was less then 20 Minutes from my house yet since we are still new to the city I wasn't familiar with the area. I punched the address in the GPS and off I went-I called a Friend who was at work on my way....I needed to talk to someone and everyone else was sleeping! (It was only 715am after all)
 As I got closer to the parking I saw ALOT of hills like this one-I had looked at the elevation before and thought it didn`t look to friendly....I was right.....UGH hills..... Ok so see the lady in the yellow in the picture below Well she is like 6 months prego-I thought oh that's cute she will run in the 5k....NOPE....she was ding the 15-In a sports bra and a running skirt she was on a mission-She pushed her way to the front of the crowd too before the start .....I hope I am like this....Good for her!

 Waiting at the start line-I hung back a bit but now I wish I would have pushed up a bit because there were a lot of slower people ahead of me and I got tripped up and stuck behind people for the first 1k or so......So irritating-Plus we started with the 5k people so there was that bulk of people as well. Lesson learned-Glad no one sprayed me with their garden hose cause I sure did run on a lot of peoples lawns.....(How else was I supposed to pass people)
Start Line
The races, like I said started slow, with all the people it was like a traffic jam. once the 5kers branched off the crowd thinned out. I felt good- I had some water at the 3k water station and some gatorade at the 6k and 9k ones and water at 12k. I felt pretty strong for most of the race-I need some advice because I hold back-Mentally I think I can`t really pour it on until i am 2/3 done the run. The hills were steady throughout the race a few big ones but nothing crazy! Till 10K the sun was behind us-Then ak 15K we turned and it got HOT! Good thing I am cold blooded and love the heat! Overall I am pleased with my run....before I started I had 1 hr 20 min in my head-But I thought that was a bit ambitious-considering the elevation and that my previous PR on 1 15 k is 1 hr 21 min....-I think without the traffic jam in the beginning I could have shave some time off but overall I am just ok with the result (when is it good enough!) Happy that I only had one small cramp and it was at km14 so no big deal as I was almost done!
It was weird not having anyone at the finish waiting for me!
Finished in 1 hr 19 min 12 sec....5th overall in my age division and 35th woman over all! 
 So I took my own picture! Don't be jealous of the sunglasses-You too can have this limited edition Panama Joe Sunglasses for $8.99 from Wal-Mart! (I was afraid to wear my nice ones-God knows how-But I would manage to break them).
 My Medal!-Cute-Oh BTW the prego girl.....ummm yeah-She beat me! By like a minute!

I got home and Ray snapped this pic-Don't you love that we are the hillbilly neighbours on the block that NEVER cut their grass-The neighbours hate us-Sometimes it gets so bad I run from my car into the house when there are people outside! Hate cutting grass!
I got in the house and made myself a HUGE Green Monster Smoothie Bowl! I was thinking about this on my run!
Delish-I should be getting stuff ready-We have company coming for dinner! I will post my newest Cupcake Creations later tonight!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Congrats! What a great job on this 15k. I hate cutting grass too!!!!

Julia said...

yay!!! awesome job on your race!!!

I am the same way...I like to start out conservatively and get too scared to truly push myself till close to the end. Then there are races when I still have so much energy left and I am regretting it. Oh well....I think I would rather be able to finish usually!

I am loving your blog! Thanks for the comment! Excited to follow you :)

Anonymous said...

great job on the 15k! u were speedy!
the mud run was so much fun. there is another mud run in waterloo called the dirty dash in july. im thinking of doing it also..hhahaha