Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter - Hope you brought your Eating Pants!!

Yesterday we headed a couple hours East to see my family. Spent the evening with my dad and went out to eat for My brothers Birthday
He turned 29!
My brother girlfriend Siobhan is great!

That's her on the right!

My dad and his girlfriend Lisa were there as well

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and of course me and Ray!

I didn't do to bad-I had chicken and vegetables, I did have a handful of fries and a glass of wine.

When we got back to my mothers we looked at her and he boyfriend Kevin's Mexico pictures!
They look like they had a great time! We looked at our Cuba pics and had some spinach dip and pumpernickel....Then I thought it was a good idea to chug 2 L of water before I went to bed and OMG I though my stomach would explode.....I was in PAIN for 2 hours.....
This morning got up....ate my normal spinach and egg beeters...
Then decorated cupcakes...yes I know MORE take to Easter Dinner.....

The kids loved them!
I took a few pics of the kiddies enjoying them.....LOL the mess!


Clarkie-Such pinch-able cheeks!


I wish I would have got one of Abby too- She is a year old and polished off a carrot and cream cheese. What a cutie......Leah is super picky, but loved her carrot cupcake. During dinner she only would eat by dipping her soother into her mashed potato's and then into her mouth. She then would dip the soother into the icing on the cupcake and into her mouth. She cleaned off the entire cupcake this way...Took her a while but she did it. She is 15 months old and crazy cute. They all are super good kids.....
Had a good visit...too short though. Then back in the car for the long drive home.
We had about 30 people at the dinner so we rent out the town hall....We all bring a dish and my amazing grandmother makes a ton of the food herself (over 80 and going strong)

This is a picture of my Grandparents about a year and a half ago at their 60th wedding anniversary-My Grandpa since had a stroke about a year ago and is now in a wheel chair and tragically as their home is not accessible to a wheelchair he is living in a Care Facility. Hopefully this will not be for much longer as they miss each other and hate being apart but until my Grandma accepts my Grandfather will never be the same and that she will have to move it has to be for now. He has crazy amounts of visitors and is always out for day trips with family, but it is still not the same. This is a man who until last year was hunting every year, driving, and putting in a huge garden. It kills me to see him how he is now-But he is determined that he still has some oomph in him!
I am glad we were able to get down even for a short visit!
Hoppy Eater everyone!
Oh and since x-mas I lost almost 20 lbs...making just over 60 lbs total over the past few my uncle Bob lives in Nunavut and doesn't get down much. I haven't seen him in a year or so....he isn't always the most tactful man. First thing he says to me is....Oh you are so skinny......You must HATE looking at old pictures of yourself! W-T-F- Seriously....What is wrong with you! How rude....I wasn't the elephant man or something......Anyways.....Just sayin!

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