Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My favorite Cupcake

My goddaughter was over today wearing her new shirt just for me!
Eva will be 10 weeks old on Friday! What a doll!
Not much happening.....I have my tactical rectification in less then 2 weeks!!! So just lots of running and push-ups going on.....Worried since I am going out with the girls in Niagara Falls this weekend for a night out! uhhh oh.....
So back to my re-cert will
I am one of 4 girls in the province on the institutional riot team and It STRESSES ME OUT! (Each jail in the province has a team)
I can not put up a picture of me in all my gear but lets just say I look like a mini ass kicker (and I AM SO NOT FOR REAL THOUGH). My gear bag weights as much as me. I don't talk about my job on here much but I will say I work in a "jail" and as well as my normal duties I am one of 18 people in the facility (out of over 300 officers in the building) on this team and it is a lot of pressure for someone like me who is not naturally tactically minded..... Either way...I am gearing up for an ass kicking on my week long rectification and a night out 1 week before I go can not be a good thing....oh well C'est la vie!

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