Saturday, July 16, 2011

15k Hill Run

I trucked it out to do a 15K run yesterday in the morning before it got to hot out.  Since I am running in a new area I had no clue where to go especially since it was a long run. So I mapped out a run on g-maps and logically I wrote it here.

It worked.....I did manage to get "lost" a few times though......

I had "heavy legs" for the first few kms and just couldn't hit my stride. But I sure did hit Hills! Ugh Hills! At about 9km in I thought it would never end. I drank all my water and was dreaming about water for the last 4 km.
I was so glad to be done the run though......What a mess
I am glad I did it but now I had a 20km on Sunday....Hope my legs feal stronger tomorrow-
What do you guys do when you have a "heavy leg" run day?


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

That writing on your arm is hilarious! I hate when my legs feel heavy. Usually I still go out and get my runs in but they are often a lot slower and sometimes I cut them short. I think it's better to rest them and go all out when they are 100%. But as long as you aren't in pain then keep up with your run schedule and adjust according to how your body feels!

Julia said...

ahhh. can totally relate to the "heavy leg" feeling lately. It is so frustrating. I agree with Christina...I try to get my runs in but just tell myself that I need to go slow and steady! good job pushing through your run...I ALWAYS get lost...I need to learn a lesson from your directions on your arm! haha!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

You are my hero. I can't say how I deal with it because I don't run. Good for you!

Sarah Grecco said...

I know the feeling! Today was a heavy leg day. I usually run for 2 minutes and walk for 1 minute. It helps me overcome the heavy legs....Or I will walk and run slowly up hills.....

Love your blog BTW! I'd rather have a cupcake is the story of my life!

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