Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day and Rib Fest!

Happy Canada Day!!!!
I was up early and got ready to go for a run. I was on my way out the door and my Garmin battery was dead! Damn it. Apparently I am too cool to run without it cause I said screw the run it will have to wait. Plus it was getting hot out quickly!
I quickly showered and we decided to go to Rib Fest!
 It was super busy! There were tons of vendors and about 10 different Rib stands. Decisions Decisions!

Ray was pretty excited to go check out the Ribs!

We looked at the trophy's and awards that they had-as well as the line ups and made a educated decision! (The stand with the cutest bbq boys got my vote)!
 I liked their sign the best............but.....

We picked Bibb's BBQ from Naples Florida.....We got the half rack of ribs with beans and coleslaw......

To share of course!

It was so busy it was hard to find a seat!!!!
 Ray enjoying his Ribs!-Now Ray is more of a rib fan then I am but I went because he was so excited. I am nice like that!

I even had a few bites of the ribs, and to be fair they were pretty good.

But what won my heart was the amazing roasted yams....OMG it was fantastic!

They were roasting corn too but I figured just too messy for this clumsy gal-especially when I was all in white

This was just plain amazing!

Then we decided to get an old fashioned soda-I wanted a lemonade-But I got the soda cause it came with a cool cup......(what...its shiny)

It was cute how they had it....

Here is Ray helping himself to some Root Beer-I got the Diet Birch Beer......

He said it was the best Root Beer he has ever had.

Mine was pretty good too-Seriously who wears all white to a Rib Fest?

Yep-Then I got a new hat.....fancy me.

And just cause I am the nicest girl EVER (Don't forget it) We went to see Transformers 3 IMAX 3D-$18 Freaking dollars for a movie....WTF......I didn't pay so I can not complain.......

We were one of the first people in the line up-It started at 4:15 so we waited almost an hour-

Ray wouldn't take off the 3D glasses the whole time we waited in line-Guess he was excited......
The movie was ok-I think I still like the 1st one the best so far-I am not much of a movie person in general so 2.5 hours is a long one for me. I am a bit ADHD so I get restless.....
I was still able to get in a quick run when we got home-I needed it-Just an 8km but it was still needed.
 Happy Canada Day/4th of July weekend!

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Christina @ The Athletarian said...

OMG I WAS THERE TOO!! My BF's family and I biked to Ribfest but when we got there, someone told us 2-3 hours before we could get our food! It was insane and the line up was horrendous. We ended up biking back home and making a vegan dinner! That yam looks insanely good though!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!