Friday, July 29, 2011

There will be no singing in the rain today! *EDIT*

I am off for a 10k run with Kelly this morning. I always do really well in the rain but for some reason I dread it! I 1/2 Marathon PRed in the rain in May in Ottawa, but still.....yuck.....
My Marathon training is going well and if I could figure out how to put my garmin info onto blogger I would upload all my runs. After today's run I will be at 38 km for the week so far. I want to get 50-55 km in this week. Doable for sure.
I am really looking forward to the Marathon in October, which is kinda surprising cause when I first signed up I peed a little.
After the run I have to go get my hair blown out and then Kelly and I are off to Downtown Toronto for a night out on the town! Yikes! I am not really a clubbin type of person but Kelly twisted my rubber arm and we will be staying there all night. I am kinda excited to go out and have some martinis (or rum&red bull, whatever!)
After this weekend I am gonna have to clean it up. This has to be hurting my training and its so important that I do well in the marathon. It has been a hard month but I think I can be more accountable.
This morning when I got up I knew I had to do the dreaded weigh in since it has been almost a month since I weighted myself.....ugh.....I got my scale from home yesterday so this morning I got up and as I walked towards the scale I felt like a hooker about to enter a confessional! UGH.....
So I was up about 2 lbs....Not too bad considering but it still pisses me off to no end, so now that is motivation to get it together.
Ok I am off to get this day going.......SO EXCITED.........

Just did my run-10k
It was GREAT! No humidity hardly and it didn't rain! I did the first 3 k with Kelly at a 5:40 pace and then picked it up. It felt like I had wheels.......I held a 5k pace for the rest of the run. Did some sprints in there and a few hills. Finished just over 50 Minutes.
Had a quick shower and some Egg Beaters and made it to my 1130 hair apt. I got my hair straightened and now I am just waiting for Kelly to do her hair and we are off to the mall to find something to wear tonight. We should be at the hotel by 3 or 4.
Definitely taking the camera for this one and will post them this weekend. Have a great weekend!
But I might drink a little more then I should tonight.....Just sayin

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Keri said...

What a great run! Nice job!! Hope you are having a great weekend!