Monday, July 11, 2011

I am a personal wreck and the Free to Run 10k

Hello ladies
I have to apologise for my MIA status in the last week. I had a terrible week and Ray and I have separated. I am staying at Kelly's for now. I have no idea what will happen or how this will turn out but I can only hope for the best. Very sad to go fro being engaged to Nothing.
I have so much more to say on this but I will wait for now.
On other news Kelly and I did the Free to Run 10 K in High Park in Downtown Toronto. It was Kelly's first race and just a way for her to see what one is like before her 1st half (my first full) marathon in October!
1st of all we made it downtown and parked at my brothers house and walked over to high park's only a 5 minute walk so it was great location wise. Except since Jeremy wasn't home we didn't know where to go so we got lost in the park......of course.........

We found the start line with minutes to spare. Since there were no porta pottys I had to pee in the I was doing my business the start horn went I dashed up out of the woods and found Kelly. We ran about 45 seconds together then I took off.
My first km was 4:26...oops....better slow down....the next 2 were around a 5 min km...better ....Then I hit a HUGE hill. For the first time ever in a race I walked. I walked up most of the hill! Almost a 6 min km! WTF!
I picked it back up and averaged between 4:58 and 5:15ish Kms the rest of the race. Even though km 8 was the same stupid hill as at he first part of the race! I almost puked on the home stretch.
Just terrible.
I booted it for the last KM to make sure I came in at 50 minutes and just barley made my goal. Not sure the exact time but it is under 50 minutes and something seconds. I hope they post results soon.
I walked back to the last water station about 300 meters from the finish to wait for Kelly. I saw her a few minutes later and ran on the sidewalk with her to the finish! She met her sub 1 hr goal and did it in 59 minutes and something seconds (again waiting for the results).

So it was a good day. Even though it was 26C when the race started!


Neon Blonde Runner said...

Girl, you are not alone, I am here for you!

SupermomE12 said...

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I hope things work out for what is best for you (whatever that is) and you are in my thoughts.

Great job on the race and I am glad you have close friends to lean on at this time. Hugs!

Monica said...

Wow, we don't even know each other but your news hurts my heart. I am impressed you could run so well, emotional things always wear me out. I hope things work out the way you are hoping.

Anonymous said...

hello fellow torontonian!

just wanted to say hello.

sorry you are going through a rough time. this suck.s but be strong and take out all your anger/sadness/frustration/etc into your running!