Wednesday, August 17, 2011

27 km.....pffff

I took my dads advice and SLOWED down my long run today. It sucked major to run 6 min 20 sec kms but apparently this is how to train for a marathon. So I did it. I had to watch my garmin steady cause I kept going to fast. I managed to hold my turtle pace till km 22 when I said screw it and sped up. I didn't go too fast, just did my last 5 km around 5 min 45 sec kms and that felt better. I think I could have done 30 easy today but I will save that for next week. I drove to the gym and started my run from there so once it was done I took my hot mess of a self into the gym and did some weights and push ups.
After that I had a quick shower at the gym and then ran around like a crazy person trying to get a million things done before I go away for the weekend. One thing I had to do was a pedicure.....Not for please but because my feet are a mess. I get a pedi ever 2 weeks but my poor feet still look like this
The poor lady who does my feet didn't know what to do. Toe two is about to loose the nail, and toe 4 promptly lost the nail shortly after this picture was taken. I have bubble blisters on my arches and heel's......ugh gross.....
I am glad the run went well....30 km next week! yikes
Oh another note....I found a new place for myself as of September 1st! I can not wait....It is sooooo cute......Now if I can just find some boys to move my
I go away tomorrow until Sunday to a cottage. I can not wait to get out of the city....Gonna do some short runs while I am there but other then that gonna take it easy....It is my Birthday weekend after all!
Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Great job on your run!

Cynthia said...

Wow great run!! My pedicure lady doesn't know what to do with my feet either! They laugh with me when they see my feet :)

Marcelle said...

Wow u are a machine, to run that distance ( 27 kilometers ) and then to train at the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am so impressed
Well done.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Have a happy birthday weekend!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Aw that toe looks like it hurts! I could really use a pedi right about now.