Friday, August 12, 2011

I found my wheels!

Who says 3 hours sleep and red wine are a bad idea before a 25 km training run!
ok....well maybe it is a bad idea but for me it lit a fire under me today!
15km Tempo and 10km race pace = 25km ! I felt great! It was like I was being pushed up the hills......The temperature and humidity has dropped a lot so I think that helped a lot!
I am off to look at a new place I hope it is nice.....I need to get back to normal.
Nathan and Kelly have been AMAZING and I know I can stay here longer but it is just not mentally good for me to be so dependent on others. Plus they need their space as well. I stayed with Heather a few nights since Kelly has been in Newfoundland since she is closer to work. She just moved into her new place. I am pretty sure I am gonna end up in her neighbourhood.
After the viewing I am gonna hit the gym for some weights.....(The push-ups are really doing wonders for my arms...I am up at about 150 every other day.....)

and then off to a BBQ with some work people. I think it will be a busy weekend......I can not wait till next weekend though! (Tell yas later)...
Have a good weekend!


Kelly said...

Nice job on the 25km..!

and .. YESSSSSS you could have stayed with us forever. We think we may love you enough to keep you! :)
Cant wait to drink red wine and run with you in just over a week! Be back soon.. Cant wait to check out the new place! xx

Need to Get ME Back said...

Damn good job on those pushups, your arms look amazing!