Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting it together

When your life changes so much in such a short period of time, it is amazing what stress can do to your body.
My system is all messed up, completely off balance.
Thank god for running!
I set out to do a 25 k from my friend Heathers house (Staying here while Kelly is in Newfoundland) and since I am not fimular with this town I wrote out the directions on my arm again and was off!
Here I am about to take off-Kinda scared as this was my longest run ever! Never did more then 21.1 k before! Uncharted territory!
I started out with a ginormous! I had set in my head to keep my pace around 6 minute 15 second km's......I know slow, but I didn't wanna burn out.
I had a problem keeping my pace this slow and for the first 12 Km I was feeling fantastic! I was thinking that I was a superstar or something.....Until I realized I had missed a street and had went about 2 km out of my way! Damn it!
So I stopped and pulled out my phone and checked the GPS-Saw that I could change my route but that the run would only be 23km.....But if I kept going my original way it was gonna be over 27 km! ahhh
I'll take the 23km route.....
So at 15 km in I hit the wall hard...The sun came out with a vegence and IT GOT HOT!
I drug my self through the last 8 km....(Almost all up hill BTW)......
I was so happy to be done....Did it around 2 hr 20 min.....I am ok with that.
I will do the 25 km either Friday or Saturday this week but this time I am gonna drive down to the water and run there......Less hills and better scenery!
I was soaked when I got back to the house! It was like  I jumped in the lake......Even though I wore sunscrean I got a super sext farmers tan (sock AND shorts line) So hot! (Not hot actually)lol....

Ouch......Pumped off 100 push-ups and called it a day and went shopping with Heather for the rest of the day.
We had a yummy recovery meal at Extreeme Pita, and spent the next 5 hours running around town

Delish-Chicken Pita with pita chips and chipotele hummus and a Chocolate milk! mmmm......
Over all I am just ok in general right now....Feal a bit numb.....I really need to start looking for a place to live....ugh.....Hate moving.......

P.S. Spell check isnt working so please be kind.....I don't spell so well!

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Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

I'm exhausted just reading this. Wow! You are amazing