Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marathon Training week 3

I did a quick speed work out this morning since I have a million things to do today. 400M Speed x 6 alternating with 400 M recovery run x 7. I am no good when I get up and go without eating or drinking first. I don't know how people do it! It took me 26 minutes but I am a sweaty mess since it was already 25C out and so humid at 8:30 this morning|
I am off to get my hair fixed (again) and then my nails are a mess so I have to pop into the mail place (I HATE getting my nails done). I then have to pick up Ray from work we have an appointment and then a dinner date!
The bake sale had a minor hitch yesterday! I will explain late tonight.
Oh and BTW Ashley is THE WORST Bachelorette ever! Get over Bentley already he never liked you. If she says Bentley one more time I may do something irrational!


SupermomE12 said...

Hope the hair and nails are all fabulous. :) Good job on the speed work. Intervals are always really tough but rewarding workouts for me.

~ Cynthia ~ said...

Great job on the speed work! I also have some planned this week so we'll see how that goes!
I agree with the whole Ashley thing! The previews are even worst as she brings back someone else!?!

Nicole said...

Thank you for finding me so I could find you!
I am so jealous of all of you runners - I'm trying! But weights will always have my heart HAH!
Keep it up girly!

Briana said...

OOO. EMMMM. GGGGG. I know! The way Ashley even says 'Bentley' annoys me. He was gross. He was obviously a player. GET OVER HIM! Ew.

If she doesn't pick J.P., she is absolutely crazy!