Friday, June 3, 2011

Fat Boy Burger

Ray just got back from visiting some family in Winnipeg, he lived there on and off from the time he was a year old until he was 18 so it is like going home for him. While he was there he was so excited because he found out that his favorite burger place JUNIORS was still around. So his sister (She is 20 and a bit of a princess) took him for lunch one day while he was there.

Rays sister-Stephanie
When he got home he had his mind set on re creating this burger! So he went on a mission to find the recipe for the secret ingredient of Juniors Fat Boy Burger (The Chili). This was an all day event and he was pretty excited. The chili was very good I have to say!

Ray about to add his spices!

After a couple hours this monster of a burger was born. I wasn't feeling in a burger kinda mood so I just had a taste and it was pretty amazing I have to say. So he has now signed himself up to make this for about 15 people at a BBQ we are going to next week. He couldn't be more excited. Boys and Burgers....I guess. 
The finished Burger

My dinner
 I had this HUGE salad instead! It was amazing! I made a poppy seed dressing to go with it and it was great for such a hot day 38C with humidex (100F)
After the burger I had to go to the grocery store so Ray said he would go if we could stop at Home Depot as he really really needed to get some things.
He has no clue what he is looking at
 After walking in circles browsing for 45 minutes-This is what we had in the cart.....rubber gloves-umm ok.....Good thing we went! We did get a furnace filter (the wrong size) as well!
A day in the life.....don't be jealous!

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