Friday, June 10, 2011

Through all these cities and all these towns

Here is how I got 3 dozen Cupcakes (left some at home for Ray) to their destination! I had an order for 2 dozen so I took the rest in for my co-workers....I swear they are going to hurt me soon if I don't stop bringing in Cupcakes! I can't help it...what else do I do with them!

 You will be relieved to know they arrived safe and sound.
Before work yesterday I had a AMAZING Banana Blueberry Smoothie Bowl! I am OBSESSED. Especially since it has been so hot out! These have been lunch all week.

I got to work and found out I had to go out on a bit of a road trip. So me and a co-worker, I'll call him Jonny, went off a mini adventure. Love going on these runs in the summer! Not so much the winter. I saw some baby geese! So cute......


It was about 42C (108F) and the van A/C wasn't so great- we stopped for some refreshments! That is all Jonnys treats BTW.....

I got a Supersicle (remember these...the Dickidees used to sell them when I was a kid) and some Starbursts (reds only pack!).....APPARENTLY....I wasn't allowed to have anymore coffee Jonny said-Who knows why (I do I was bouncing off the walls as I had a XL iced coffee about 3 minutes before we left.

Very refreshing!

It was pretty uneventful-Until the last hour when it got pitch black out (it was only about 630 in this picture) And it started to pour rain, and hail and the thunder and lightening was crazy! This went on for an hour!

All those lights on the right are a ton of cars pulled over under the bridge waiting out the storm- Yikes.....
We powered on (by we I mean Jonny who was driving)

Crazy how dark it got.....Then we just literally drove out of it on to dry roads......
It was a good trip and a way to make a dreaded 3-11 go fast- is my creepy picture of the day-On my way home I saw this at a light
The Ice Cream truck again....It was 1130 at night! What the heck is it doing out?
Weird....something about this truck freaks me out a bit.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Ice cream truck at 11:30 pm? That IS weird...makes you wonder where they're going (or where they're coming from).

That looked like quite a storm - I guess 42C stirred up the atmosphere too much!

Jacqui said...

I was driving through that storm too! I really thought there would be dings on my van from the hail. I just powered through it too.. glad you made it through it unharmed!

safire said...

I love Popsicle especially when it's hot out! I love a great roadtrip!