Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let them eat....Ice Cream....and Fish Tacos

Ray went to Winnipeg for 5 days to visit his dad, step mom, sister and brother (His mother went too....long story). Bless him he felt guilty for not running the Ottawa run with me so he ran a 10k in Winnipeg in the AIR FORCE RUN. It was a cause he believes a lot in so he was so excited when he called to tell me on Saturday that he would be running in it on Sunday morning. Here he is after his run
He was so happy with himself!

So for Monday he was flying in around 11 am so we planned a mini day date! First we went to THE DRAKE HOTEL We had never been before and sat on the patio (serves Breakfast and Lunch, there is a upstairs dining room as well). I liked how informal and unique it was before we even sat down.

The patio

Here I am out front.

I wasn't too crazy about the service right off the bat. We stood there for a few minutes waiting for someone to seat us. I ended up asking the guy at the counter if we could seat our self. When we went out to the patio there were a few empty tables but they were all dirty. So we sat at the least dirty one! Once we were seated a waitress cleared the table.....She forgot to leave menus so Ray had to go ask for them! HERE is the lunch menu

The Menu look pretty good, with some interesting things on it. I ordered a white sangria and ray got a coke in a glass bottle (he loves coke in a glass bottle for some reason).

The Sangria was pretty good....but it should be for $10 a glass! We ordered our food and enjoyed the sun and catching up since we hadn't seen each other in almost a week!

Rays Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas

My fish Tacos with a "salad"
The plates looked pretty good when they came. We always try each others meals so I thought the fish on Rays plate was ok-a bit greasy. The fries were fresh cut and really yummy.....But I think the best thing was the mushy peas! He ordered a side Cesar salad too....It was a bit plain for a Cesar salad with no bacon and only 2 croutons! The dressing on it was homemade and good though. My meal was a bit sad though.....The idea was good but the fish in my fish tacos had 0 flavour. I was a bit disappointed that it was fried fish too, since the menu did not say fried. The cabbage on top was dressed nicely but the pieces were way too long and hard to manage. The corn tortillas fell apart. I ended up picking them apart. The side "salad" was just lettuce! WTF. We don't mind spending $ on a good meal but this was a bit steep for what we got. I have to say I would go back and try their brunch and supper menus though. I saw someone order the cobb salad and it looked fantastic. I think it would be good you just have to know what to order!

I did like the fact that they have a cheese guy! They had a delivery while we were there. I also liked that everything seamed homemade and not from a box or processed. Over all I would rate it a 6 out of 10. We did have a nice lunch.

We then headed down to the DISTILLERY DISTRICT (We had no clue that is where we were going, I just wanted to go to a bakery that I had heard about and this is where we ended up!) It was a fantastic surprise to end up here!

It was quite the little hideaway in the middle of the city! There were cute art shops, sea food restaurants, bakery's and coffee shops! We walked around and did some window shopping while we looked for the bakery.

We found the bakery THE SWEET ESCAPE DISTILLERY and it was as cute as I thought it would be! They make all their own ice cream and I am sure you can imagine how please I was when I saw Red Velvet Ice Cream!!!! I ordered a small Red Velvet and Ray ordered a Small Root Beer Ice cream. We also got a sticky toffee pudding to go for later!!!!

Our sweet treasures!

In the center of the Distillery District

Ray was loving these pictures of city's all over the world. They were all over and we went into the gallery that they were from.

Here I am in front of THE BRICK STREET BAKERY was too many yummy things here!
Inside of BALZACS COFFEE it was such a adorable little place! There were too many choices! I love little coffee shops like this one!
Here I am with the most delicious ice cream in the world!!!!-Jeez can someone point me to a tanning booth or something!

Our view getting on the highway to go home! Over all it was a beautiful summer day, with great places and even better company! I am so happy we found these little places in this big helps it to start feeling more like "home"!


essle said...

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Chubby McGee said...

Red Velvet ice cream....omg.........YUM!

Jacqui said...

love the distillery district! Whenever we have family in town, we have to go down there to go through the cute little shoppes! I'll have to look out for the red velvet ice cream next time we are there!