Saturday, June 4, 2011

The house guest has arrived

Gizmo is here and he is running circles around the house. I miss having a dog but I don't miss the shedding! LOL......Poor Gizmo! I may or may not wrap him in saran wrap at some point in the next 2 days!
The reason you see a blur is because he is turning in compulsive circles......Nice

He finally sat still long enough to pose for a picture. Gizmo will be here until tomorrow.
It is raining here....There was a pretty good thunder storm this morning....Its one of those days that you don't wanna leave the house. I have to though .....way too much to do.
It is gonna be nice tomorrow and since it is a long run day anyways I am considering running The Bread and Honey Road Race but I have to go register before 4......

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Chubby McGee said...

Haha...Gizmo looks like a ghost in the first pic. So cute.