Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Blogger Award

I got a blogger award the other day from The Lovley THUNDERTHIGHS and just got so busy with the run this weekend that I didn't get a chance to write this post.
How cute is this!
So here are the rules to this
The rules:
  • Thank the person and link them in your post.
  • Tell ten things about yourself.
  • Nominate your bloggers.
  • Go to their blogs and let them know you've given them an award!
10 THINGS! Oh my-I know a million things, the question is what can I say that is actually minimally interesting.....
1 I live in the GTA-(Greater Toronto Area) for those who don't know....I don't think I have mentioned where I am located before.

2 I have a terrible issue with SUGAR- Before I lost weight and started running, I was always craving salt and grease......now....I crave the opposite.....Some of my favorites

I could go on but you get the idea
3 I really really wanna run a full marathon-but am too afraid to actually register!!!!

4 I want a tattoo that looks something like this

5 I am engaged

But have no real plans to get married (I want to get married I just don't know where to start!)
6 I don't even know what to call them but girls like this, bug me.....(So sorry if you are like this no offence just my opinion)-Let me explain....This

Is not attractive-Dread locks are dirty.Period. Yuck.....I am all for saving the environment, but seriously a tree never died because you shaved your legs.... 7 I am a bit of a control freak (apparently -I don't see it) Whatever-It is only with my own routines- I like to sit in the morning, read blogs, watch Breakfast Television and drink Coffee....I also have to do my Runs and when something interferes with that-Look out......
8 I really really liked smoking when I smoked-I miss it and wish sometimes that I still did! (Isn't that terrible!)
9 I miss living in the country....Tractors and horses.....
10 I have never felt skinny....ever...sometimes I think it will never happen.....
My nomination is
1) My BFF Kelly and her new blog Bananas Over Bubble Gum

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Chubby McGee said...

I don't get dread locks, either. On guys or girls. It makes ME feel dirty when I see them. LOL!