Saturday, May 7, 2011

What a fantastic day for a run!

It looks like we are FINALLY getting some nice weather this week-Of course the week I will be at training getting my ass kicked and crawling back to the hotel-With no chance in hell of being able to work out after training is done for the day (I will be lucky if I can drive let alone run anywhere)....Oh well no bother! I am supposed to be on rest days all weekend for my physical Monday but I couldn't help but get out and go running! I said I will only do a small 5 k just to get some sun-But I said eff it and did 10 (It was one of those days I just felt great and could have done a half NO problem)....But I stuck to the 10-Will ice my knees and hope I don't pay for this Monday when I am doing the shuttle run. (I wouldn't normally be so worried but knees have been bothering me lately, and I have NO choice but to pass the physical Monday so I have been trying to train for the physical as well as the Half Marathon at the end of the month). I hope I will be ok for both!

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