Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally a nice day for the farmers market....and a cupcake!

I bounced out of bed at 730 am this morning.....littler...I was afraid I "slept it". Not that I have anywhere to go, I just knew it was gonna be a beautiful day and I didn't wanna miss a minute of sun! I had my coffee and omelet and got ready to go to the farmers market! (By get ready I mean put on a head band to hide my greasy hair).....
I was so excited to go to the market. I was hoping for some local asparagus and rhubarb 9since they are both in season).
I grabbed a coconut iced coffee from Starbucks and hit the market..the only annoying thing is finding a parking spot.
There were lots of vendors, mostly the same from last year. I only grabbed a few things since it is early in the season there is only a few local seasonal things. I also grabbed a fresh baked Cherry Strudel. I saw a cupcake vendor, I was gonna get a sample to try to see what my competition in the area is but honestly they didn't look very good at all so I passed.....Now I did go into the local Cupcake Bakery and get 2 kinds of cupcakes. I grabbed a Chocolate with a Dulce De Leche filling and icing (Ray ate it before I could get a picture of it ) and a Banana Cupcake with a Chocolate Icing

Now the 1st one was pretty good, except the cupcake stuck to the paper. The cake was moist and the Dulce De Leche filling was yummy, but the icing was not good at all....almost like whipped cream...kinda greasy soo.....We didn't try the Banana one yet, but it looks ok.
This is what I ended up buying at the market
I grabbed a new smoothie cup from Starbucks since I left mine in Cuba....I also grabbed my herbs for the summer....I will have to get them planted this weekend....Grabbed some Basil, Rosemary, Chives, Flat Parsley and Cilantro.....I had them last year and they worked out great.....Had fresh herbs all summer.....yumm.....
So we are going out to dinner with some friends tonight....It is our monthly outing with them...Not sure where we are going yet...I am trying to go to this place I just found that is an "authentic" Italian pizza place downtown...I am not a huge pizza fan, but mostly because no one makes it right! This place looks fantastic, with meat and cheese plates and a lot of local/regional ingredients......We will see.....
K...I'm off to bask in the heat!

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