Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Niagara Falls Girls Night

Me Kelly and HK

Since I have moved to the big city (yikes) I have lost my bar star mentality...mostly because I don't wanna get a cap popped in my ass at the club! (You never know it happens!) Plus I just don't have the desire to go out like that. I would much rather go for drinks and dinner with Ray or have a wine night pj party with the ladies! So when HK decided we needed a girls night out I went only because Kelly made me (She had baby E 9 weeks ago and hasn't been drinking in a year so I thought I would help her get it out of her system) PLUS HK had invited 3 new friends that we work with (I know who they are but don't know them very well at all, and I am not good around new people)....
Here are a few pics from the drunken scene...I will spare you most and post just a few while I was still coherent.....
Me and Kelly trying out the luxury cot that we would be sharing upon our return to the hotel.....Don't be jealous that I didn't breath vodka redbull breath on you all night......So hot

We went out to eat and I am glad that the restaurant was pretty much empty.....our waiter HATED us within 10 seconds.....but he still took a picture for us...I think it is so we would hurry and and leave!
HK Me New Friend 1 Kelly New Friend 2 and New Friend 3
So I don't know the other 3 girls very well but it was a pretty good night.....

After we ate we went back to the hotel drink change clothes.

u got me
 I had a mickey of sour pussy that was about 1/3 full when we were leaving so I topped it up with some grey goose and we set out into the night.....All was going well until I was attempting to be smooth and toss the empty bottle into the trash can beside the first club entrance only to have it land at the bouncers feet....guess we are lucky we even got into the first place....oops.....

Me and Kelly-How hot is she for having a 9 week old baby!
I did a short write up on the night HERE
So we went from club to the next one and had a good night overall....
After successfully getting into the second maxed out club and dancing our butts off (not pretty I assure you of this) we got into cabs and went to a dive diner where not only the waitress hated us but EVERYONE hated us......sad....Not my fault I have a voice that carries!
Sure was hard to focus at this point
I wonder what she said.....?
So it was a night to act my shoe size not my age but it was good to get out and just have some fun......
Well I have two days left if TORTURE this week and then I will update what I have been doing all week! Stay Beautiful!


safire said...

Sounds like a fantastic girl's night out :) I love those nights!

You guys all look great especially your post-pregnant friend!

Princess Dieter said...

I'm not a drinking type, but dang if that doesn't make me wish for a Girl's Night Out Teetotalling Style! Like, really get ripped on Fruity Iced Tea with Sucralose or Decaf Cinnamon Coffees! Yeah, that's living it up RAW STYLE! Snarf. :)

But honestly, how does she look that slim in 9 weeks. Is she like related to Heidi Klum????!

So, okay, yeah, a little jealous. The girls I'd do a G irls Night Out With are scattered across the US. Makes it kinda hard to plan. Bummer.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a good night!! Sometimes you just need a night out on the town with the girls :)