Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ottawa Half Marathon

I blogged about my pre race dilemmas AHHH MOMENT
So I slept well and was up on race day at 6am (alarm was set for 0630, as race started at 0900 and we were downtown already and only a 5 minute walk to the start line)
This is the weather I saw......YUCK

I had a shower and ate my breakfast ....I went to the Lobby and got coffee for everyone...all before anyone else was even up!

This was a new pre race meal for me.....a bagel with natural PB, chia seeds and a banana...It did the trick. This stuck with me a lot longer then oatmeal does.
We got to the start line around 0820.

I lined up for the porta potty line at 0830. My dad said he would wait at our start section (Orange) next to the flag. Well the line was so long that I was actually waiting for 30 minutes and was in the porta potty when the start gun went! Damn it. I smashed my way through politely weaved through hundreds of people to try to get to the Orange flag....it was hopeless....It took me almost 4 minutes to get accross the start line! And I was running alone! Sad! Glad I brought my MP3 player.
I took 2 salt pills and off I went. I warmed up quick. It was ok temperature wise but pretty humid. I don't mind that though. The pack was so thick! I actually ran into a few people (big surprise) So by km 4 I was feeling great! I sped up a by km 8 and took one more salt pill. I also had a GU chew and some water. I was worried about running out of energy but I was feeling great.
I was 57 Min in (actually 54 Min) at the 10 k split! I started to look more for my Dad at this point as I felt like I was getting close to him. It started to rain at km 12! But it felt good! At km 14 I saw my dad up ahead as we rounded a corner so I did a little sprint and as I caught him I said "What are you trying to do? Loose me?" He turned around surprised to see me and said...."wow, good for you" "you must have been flying". So until km 18 I annoyed talked with my dad.
Check out these race pics
Me and My Dad at km 16
I look like I am in pain but I swear I felt great here-Maybe it was the rain!
I felt Strong and at km 18 he said "go ahead, get the best time you can". So I popped a salt pill and a GU chew and took off!
Here I am crossing the finish line

Final Time 1Hr 53 Min 56 Sec- Pace of 08:41/mile or 05:24/km!

Me and my Dad after the race! A bit soggy!

Ummm....Oh and Just for your viewing pleasure-CLICK HERE
Seriously? Wow-Whats wrong with me?

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sarah said...

Congrats! That is awesome!! And I think it is so great your Dad runs, too!!

Floriana said...

Great accomplishment. Congratulations!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Congrats on this half--you did amazingly!!

Marcelle said...

what a great time and amazing to share it with your Dad...

ATTrio said...

Nice Job! I would love to run with my Dad. What a great way to do some bonding :)

PS New Follower! Glad I found your blog!