Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Mini Garden and some Tex-Mex

I begged convinced Ray to go to the Garden Centre with me yesterday. I added to the FRESH HERBS I got at the Farmer Market yesterday. I also grabbed some green onion seeds, 2 tomato plants and 2 red pepper plants.

I don't think that the tomato plants will do too well as I planted them with the peppers and onions and they really need their own space (my mom told me after I planted them) but we will see what happens!
We had some drinks at the house with our friends Mark and Danielle and then went to LONE STAR for dinner. . I had wayyyy too many chips and Queso dip as well as a giant Pina Colada (I drank it before I could get a picture) and I also had a Red Raspberry Margarita.
Ray and I had Fajitas for came with chicken and steak as well as a 1/2 rack of ribs and shrimp....It was ok

I think we pushed it by having dessert but.... well I have no excuse really...just being a glutton.
I ordered mini butter tarts....they were cold and hard....I ate the filling out of 2 of them and then demanded politely asked that everyone else share their desserts with me.

Danielle's Cheesecake.....better then my tarts!

Apple Sizzler
The boys shared the apple sizzler, it came on a hot skillet and they poured a hot butter rum sauce on it....It was pretty I ate half or so...they didn't mind though!
As you see in the last picture it is dark now-well we stayed for 3 hours-The poor waitress (That is all I will say on that).

Me!!-I am soo photogenic...ugh...yeah ok


Now at one point during the dinner our waitress came up to Mark and asked him if he was GSP brother.....Apparently there was a car in the parking lot with some kind of UFC licence plate and they thought Mark looked like his brother....LOL.....Mark was loving it....
OK....Well I have 2 new types of Cupcakes to make today! Hope you have better weather then we do today! Yesterday was just a tease of summer!

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