Sunday, May 8, 2011

It has been a busy week-Getting ready to go away for training-
I got new boots-
They suck-They are the short ones-I like the taller ones...not sure why I got these!
I have some food pics too from this week!
Last weekend I made salsa and cauliflower soup-It was great I mason jared them and they were good all week....Just have a little salsa left-So it was worth the time
Oh and I made chick pea burgers and froze them-They are great to have on hand......

I got all the produce at the Spanish Market last weekend when we were down town-The tomalitos are hard to find around here sometimes. So are the poblanos, so I picked up a few of these as well-I made some stuffed poblanos yesterday- I stuffed then with shredded bbq chicken, black beans, caramelized onions, and peppers....They were great.

Of course I had to make Ray some jalapeno and cheese corn bread to go along with the peppers.
I had a small piece, just to try it but I stayed away.
Ray also wanted Empanadas-I only indulged in 1 as they are made with shortening. Had to try one though-They are one of my favorite things-Especially with a side of fresh lemon juice, garlic (minced) green onion and cilantro-Very refreshing. These are traditional Chilean good (some people fry them but we baked them).

They were fantastic

hmmm- I also made a couple different marinated tofu dishes

Paired it with some polenta with goat cheese
Yesterday I made pumpkin coconut curry-with some tofu. This was a success

onions, garlic ginger and spices

add some preen and red peppers-and sweet potato

add some pure pumpkin

a little coconut milk

some fresh green onions and it was great-made 4 servings-with 3 pieces of tofu in each
This mornings omelette I had some left over poblano stuffing left so I added it to my omelette.....with some of my homemade salsa.
And yesterday before my 10 k I had my favorite Smoothie Bowl with fruit
Best fuel for the run

So it was a bit all over the place but you get the idea! I am happy to be on maintenance now-I will probably try to loose 5 more lbs but I needed a break-
I was also thinking-Since I have my fitness test tomorrow-I SHOULD carb load-Right?
I made the best granola
Dry ingredients
2 cups old fashioned oats
2 T chia seed
2 T flax seed
1 T sesame seed
1/4 cups almond pieces
1/4 cup pecan pieces
mix up
In a pot on medium heat
1/2 cup nut butter ( I used natural peanut butter)
1/3 cup agave nectar
a shot of maple syrup (pure)
1/4 cup almond milk
mix this until it comes together
pour into the dry mixture and mix well
Add some dried cherries and some chopped dark chocolate
Mix again and put on a sheet at 350C for 20 min-Do not mix or stir when it is hot
Take out of the oven and when it cools place in freezer to firm up the chocolate-Break into pieces

Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Almond Granola
OMG-Wow-Who needs dessert! I am going to be getting my ass kicked all week so I may as well bring something delish to eat between lashings-I want it all to myself!!!! I told Ray he probably won't like it and that it was the grosses thing ever-I don't think he believes me since he has caught me stuffing it in my face about 5 times today.....


Susie said...

Oh my word those look delish!! Thx for sharing

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Oh my goodness such delicious food! The empanadas look amazing!

safire said...

So Delicious! I've been meaning to try to make empanadas and this totally helps thank you!

Hope you have a wonderful new week!