Sunday, May 1, 2011

ummm there is a fish on your dress

What a weekend....
I had a nice 10 mile run and then it was all downhill from there....
My mom was up for Thursday night (She had to pick up Kevin on Friday morning he had a hernia operation and had been in TO since Tuesday, so she stayed here) We went shopping (I bought the fish dress.....I will explain in a bit) and had a LATE dinner!
I had my Friday planned....nails at noon-waxing at 2 then to Kellys to lounge and slowly get ready to go out....Well I was ready to go out the door at 1145 and God damn it I left my keys in Rays car....and he is at work....AND has my spare keys......Fuck
I was so mad...I walked to my nail apt and was 10 min late-Then cancelled my waxing (it was in another town) and walked home. Ray left work early so he was home around 3 so all in all it wasn`t too bad...I got to Kelly's by 330.
Friday night was Girls Night Out-Off we went to Niagara...Me, HK my BFF Kelly and 3 other girls from work. Kelly and I drove up around 5. Getting to the hotel after 630 because we couldn't find an open liquor store! Had to go to 3! What liquor store closes that early on a Friday night. We picked up a couple bottles of champagne, 2 small bottles of sour puss and 2 mini bottles of wine(ummm these may have been gone by the time we drove the 5 minutes to the hotel from the LCBO).....
We got dresses and went to a small restaurant that was not busy at all....Nice for Niagara on a Friday night......Our Waiter instantly hated us, as did the rest of the restaurant (all 4 other customers). I had 2 martinis and nibbled on bruschetta and some spinach dip and chips...I just was not hungry (weird for me, especially since it was a rare cheat day). I had the smallest piece of thin crust pizza that HK had ordered (some fancy wood fire pizza, with tomato's and mozzarella) and the was it for me!
Then back to the hotel.....We drank some champagne and shots and got ready. I don't have the pics I have to get them from one of the other girls...but I wore this dress
ugh...Yeah I know.....there is a effin fish on my dress....I didn't notice when I bought it I was in a hurry....but Kelly being the BFF was able to point it out while trying not to piss her pants laughing at me....sad
I wore it anyways with my over the knee grey boots and it was very cute.....Flat boots were the best thing ever to wear...I always wear heals out and wanna cry by the end of the night...well not this time! It was great....By the end of the night the girls in heals were done and I was sittin pretty.....We went to one bar "Rumours" but it sucked so we left....someone told us that "Dragonfly" at the casino was great. So he hailed a cab and told him where to take us....he said "oh it is very very busy with a huge line you will never get in" I assured him--We will get in....We had him go back to the hotel and we all picked up our "secret weapons"...he said ok, it is worth a try. The other girls went to get in the huge ass line and Kelly and I said screw that-Its cold...I went up to the bouncer with Kelly and we pulled out our badges....(at the risk of looking like an ass hole, but I have NEVER done this at a bar before)...and I discreetly said ``I don`t ever do this but do you offer badge service here It is really cold and I don`t wanna stand in line`He said ``Of course`` I was shocked...he asked how many people I said 6, he asked how many badges I said 6...he was like oh `No problem at all .....sometimes people try to do one badge and like 8 people but 6 people and 6 badges`` and he moved the rope and in we went....I know its not a huge deal but it made our night!!LOL Oh and Boys are Gross-Seriously do I look like I want to try to touch me....UGH...No! Just sayin!
So I proceeded to drink Tequila shots and vodka and red bulls and it was a fun night. After we went for a milkshake and a burger and then back to sleep for a few hours at the hotel.
I felt ok when I got up and Kelly and I drove the hour home and were home before noon.....No harm done
Rays parents had came up Friday night so I had some egg beaters and spinach...gulped down 2 L of water and changed and we went downtown to the Spanish Market.
Not a good idea to try to go downtown where UFC 129 was happening. Once we got through the traffic and to the market we had a good time.

I had a street taco...Yumm
I saw the cutest little puppy ever

He was so tiny....

Ray took it all in and we enjoyed the first nice day of the spring-It was beautiful out!
I got fresh Tomatillos and a bunch of produce at the markets and at the butcher Rays step dad got a couple kinds of Chorizo and at the cheese shop got some amazing cheeses (we got halloumi (u can grill this cheese on the bbq) a nice mild melting cheese for burgers that night and another sharp aged cheese.....
I love this shop....
We popped into the LCBO (I tried not to bark while we were in there....When a lady offered me a free sample of wine I think I may have threw up a little in my mouth (I hate hangovers)...Definitely no drinks for me last night!
I did grab a couple copies of the Early Summer Food and Wine book though...Love this free magazine and I get so excited when the new ones come out! It has some great recipes for summer! Can`t wait to try them out!

We went home and had a nice BBQ of hamburger using all of our produce and cheeses and some tomato salad.....We had the Chorizo on the BBQ too.....So full!

How yummy!

 I was still tired at fell asleep on the couch, so it was an early night.....Today was back on track and I have Monday and Tuesday to run my butt off (literally from this weekend!)
Rays parents left around noon.....
I did some prep cooking today I made Cauliflower soup (60 cal a bowl), Some homemade salsa and some chick pea burgers.....

So thats it-Just a busy social weekend
Sorry it was so long winded, but I haven`t posted in a few days and thought I would get it all in one!

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