Sunday, February 13, 2011

30 dozen cupcakes later

So off I went to use the life skills room at work to bake cupcakes. DT came into help me and THANKS GOD. I always get these great ideas...well they seam great until I have to do them! This was one of those moments!
30 Dozen cupcakes....what was I thinking!!!!
Well baking for 8 hours and its all done! Can't wait for the bake sale tomorrow! I will take some pictures of all the kinds we made...they look so pretty!!!!
So glad I remembered to bring my lunch! It was ok-Stir fry with shrimp. Since I can\t use any sauce I used some low sodium soy sauce and horseradish......

DT helping me-In the middle of cupcake baking
 So I am too would up to go to I am having some wine......Plus I know I didn't drink nearly enough water today...I will be sorry tomorrow!

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