Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Starting Maintenance tomorrow....and back to the GYM!!!! YEAH

5 Weeks of no gym is just crazy to me. I have been a gym rat for years now. I have learned how to be a really good weight maintainer...but I suck at loosing weight. I tend to eat very healthy and treat myself now and then but when it comes to a full out diet it is very rough for me to do it if I am working out. When I run 6 days a week I just can not go low cal.
So last November while training for a fitness test I pulled something in my right knee. For someone who runs 6 days a week it was devastating.
Over the last year and a bit I have had to take a week off here and there.
So I decided I wanted to loose the last 15 lbs. I took the last 5 weeks off from the gym and focused on diet. The wight is gone and I am 1 lb from my goal weight. I will start maintenance tomorrow and get my butt back to the gym! I am so excited to run! I feel very out of shape. I will see tomorrow where I am.

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