Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh In Day...Love it

I don't know where this crazy snow storm is? I mean it snowed quite a bit but the city is not at a stand still by any means. R called into work and over 20 people called in sick today due to the "storm". Idiots.....It was worse last week, but because environment Canada wasn't calling it snowmageddon or whatever people didn't freak out. Anyways.....R went to the weigh in with me but sat in the least he drove me there.
Well I am happy I waited out the last crappy weigh in. I was pretty discouraged to see a .2 loss on Friday. I stuck it out and got a 2.6 Lb pay off this morning. Only 2.4 lbs to go to goal weight.
132.6 Lbs is the current
I can almost taste the 120's
This feels vain but I don't care...I have been trying so long to hit my goal weight....Literally almost 10 years. That's why I chose a blog specifically for this so I don't have to bother friends and family with my updates! LOL...
I am sitting here Drinking a Tassimo Skinny Chai Latte....Not a regular delish and only 35 Cal. It is a treat for sure.
Tassimo Skinny Chai Latte
I got the maintenance book today so I can start to look at it so I can be ready. If anyone has any tips that has done Dr. Bernstein I would love to hear it. Here is to loosing 16 Lbs in January!
Now to convince R to shovel the driveway!

Day of Food

Breakfast-Egg Beaters with spinach, tomato and cilantro

Soy ground round and onions I used 3 oz

Half a pita cut and baked with pepper and garlic powder

Allegro Jalapeno 4% cheese -2oz

2 TBSP salsa

Lunch- yumm-Dr B approved nachos
I can't believe how good this was. Atleast I have a new dish to get me through the next couple weeks!

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