Friday, February 18, 2011

My goddaughter is here

Baby Eva is here. I am so tired!!!! KG did great. She had a procedure where they reach in and turn the baby yesterday, apparently sometimes this brings on labour! Well apparently it worked. Midnight I was woken up, KGs water broke bu t she was told to wait to come in the am. I went to work thinking I would leave early only to get a call at 7 am that she was 5cm dilated and just had the epidural (she went to hospital in middle of night). They told her by having the epidural they said it could slow her down and she might be there for a long time. I was paged at 0830 and KG said OMG I am 9cm hurry! So I called the shift IC and said I needed relief! And I was off....I wasn't gonna change but decided I better, so I changed quickly (put my shirt inside out even). I got to the hospital and went to the labour and delivery wing and as I was asking where to find KG I heard her saying "Is that Aleasha"? Come in here". So in I went to the delivery room! 15 min later my goddaughter was born! So pretty already!
2 min old
So amazing to see her born. What a gift. I love this precious angel so much.
So proud of KG. I couldn't be happier (we are closer then most sisters).
6 hrs old

7 hrs old
She had her first bath....and KG only had 2 stitches! wow.....amazing...picture perfect birth!
I called in to work and took tomorrow off, I can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Side not I then had to rush home and make 6 doz cupcakes for an order tomorrow! So tired.....
R and I went out to eat. I had some naughty food, will have to make up for it tomorrow!

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