Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Cinnamon Buns

R and I are both actually off this weekend!! BUT his parents came up last night and will stay until tomorrow morning. They are sleeper inners, I am a morning person!
So I was up nice and early and made Homemade Cinnamon Buns and Cheese Buns! Ymm....and I actually had a small one of each. This is a rare occurrence, but for once I decided to have one. It was so tasty!
Cheese Buns-Cheddar and Brie

Cinnamon Buns-These don't have the glaze on them yet!

We had a good breakfast, but I am feeling a bit full from the white flour! But oh well! Below is my current weight! It's maintaining as I add new food, and am back running. So at this point I would say that Dr. Bernstein was worth the 6 weeks of diet hell. We booked Cuba for March 21! Can't wait!

 Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! It is snowing here again!!

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