Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maintenance Daily food intake-Day 1

Day 1 Week 1 of Maintenance and I AM SO FULL-I am super worried that I am doing something wrong. I am so full all day. I am very scared that I will gain weight back, so I am trying to follow the plan properly. Here is my daily food intake today.
Breakfast was a Pumpkin smoothie with Almond Milk, Pumpkin, Splenda, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Nutmeg (Blended with ice)-Very yummy
 I had 2 coffee as well in the morning
I had this before I went to the gym
1/2 cup Greek 0% yogurt with 1 small banana and a handful of Blueberries

Lunch-Tuna with 1 T FF mayo, celery, onion and lettuce. On a 100 cal WW bagel (Only ate half the bagel, just at the tuna off the top of the second half) with a FF Cheese slice melted on top, with some lettuce.

1 Cup homemade roasted pepper (I roasted them), Tomato and spinach soup. No oil, no salt.

Supper-1 Cup Egg Beaters with broccoli, green pepper and a FF cheese slice. 1 Small parsnip roasted in the oven with spices, no oil. A side of fresh salsa (2 T) So filling. Oh and 1 mini Whole Wheat (WW) Pita

So that's what I ate today. I may have a diet pink crush later 
This is only 1035 calories? How?
I feel like I gained 5 lbs today!
On the other hand I got back to the gym! Yeah! Didn't over do it....Just 30 Min of speed and incline intervals (6.0-9.0 speed and 0 -7 incline). I did some light upper body weights and some push-ups Haven't done any in 2 months (Sad I could only do 15) Gonna have to work on these (Need to be up to 30 by May)
If anyone has any suggestions as to why I feel so full and bloated I would love to hear it!

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