Friday, March 4, 2011

Almost on Vacation

3 more shifts (2 are OT shifts) Then I am on vacation for the rest of the month! I love stat time from last year!!
I ventured to downtown this week, I never go downtown. But I had a great reason to go DT.....Someone who was like a second mother to me was in town with her husband for a convention so I went down to have lunch and a nice long chat over coffee. It was a great day but traffic on the way home was HORRIBLE....I don't know how people do this bumper to bumper commute every freaking day!
Pretty view on the way down though.....
View on way downtown

View on way home....took the side roads to avoid some highway traffic

It was a great way to reset and get re focused.
I am irritated with myself.
Before I went on the restrictive diet in January I was addicted to the gym (or running outside weather depending) Always 6 days a week. If I didn't get my runs in look out I was a bitch.
My knee was injured training for a fitness test for the tactical team last year and it re occurs but I usually ignore for the most part. So being on the restrictive diet gave me a chance to rest my knee. I went on maintenance and hit the gym. I am only at about 2-3 runs a week and I am pissed at myself! What is wrong with me! I can't get my head back into it.
I go on vacation in a couple days so that is my number one goal to get back to at least 5 days a week by the end of the month. ugh....Can't believe this is even an issue that I have to be thinking about. For years its just been second nature. I have a physical re cert that I need to get at least a 9 on the beep test and a half marathon coming up in May......

On a side note...I saw these a few days ago at the grocery store....I just walked by.....
Then R was at the store yesterday and called me to ask a question. I, out of a moment of pure weakness, said "do you see that display next to the self check out?" "Get me a box!"

On another note.....I will be in Cuba in 17 Days!

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