Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 Mile run in and Getting ready for Cuba

This week has just been a lot of catching up with friends and working on myself. Running 6-7 miles every day (and 10 miles once a week) every week this month. Getting back to where I was before I took those few weeks (6!) off from running.
Good news is that I will be able to do my 10 miles outside on Friday! I have been waiting for this!!
So considering last night we had a get together with our unit at TJ's to remember Parv and talk about how everyone is doing. (Funeral is on Thursday and Friday). I figured it was a great idea to treat myself to Nachos and a 10oz glass of red wine.....oh my......

TJ Nachos
They were not really that great but I am a sucker for nachos....period......
So I have zero wiggle room until we leave for vacation.......
R finally got some clothes. He isn't done buy almost...back to the mall tomorrow!
I bought 3 cute dresses (I can not wait to wear them!)
Pretty good
This morning I had Cocoa and Sweet Potato Oats Oh she glows recipe although I did not add the extra dark chocolate or maple syrup (I used a splenda). But it kept me pretty full for my 7 miler with no cramps so I was happy!
After the gym we went for a tan (pre tanning for vacation, don't wanna burn), then home where I am being a bum today.
R's coffee after the gym looked way better then mine!

R's Latte with Whip

My coffee with almond milk
It is just not fair!
Oh well
For supper R is making one of his gourmet creations! He is making Raviolis 2 ways.
1-Pumpkin Ravioli with fresh crab and a white wine cream sauce
2-Ricotta and spinach Ravioli with pine nuts and brown butter sage sauce
sigh...I wish!
I will be having salad with broccoli, cabbage. lettuce, tomato and cucumber with a vinegar based dressing and fish...with 2-3 T Greek yogurt with some chopped up pickles (like a tartar sauce)

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Christie said...

I'm about to leave for vacation to!! Did the tanning thing yesterday and today other my man didn't....he's going to get burnt!