Friday, March 11, 2011

I love vacations

This morning I told R that he had to go to the mall and buy some new clothes....
I got up and made a coffee and turned on the TV.....I love morning TV! I drank some coffee and made breakfast before we got ready to go out. Breakfast was too yummy for words.......
Banana and Almond butter soft serve with homemade granola
We went to the mall and 3 hours later we left with NOTHING! Ahhhh MEN!
He has no clue what clothes he wants, but god forbid someone suggests something.....Like it or not he is buying new clothes before we leave for Cuba next Monday....
At the mall R wanted food court food (I knew he would) So I had brought my own food (as always....people always make fun of me for having food in my purse)
Turkey and Spinach Pita with cucumbers and peppers
So R had his Mixed Shawarma plate and I had my purse food!
I did treat myself to a Starbucks Green tea latte (I get skim, non sweet) though on the way out
Green Tea Latte ( Pic from last week obviously as they changed their cups this week)
 We then went to Walmart to pick up some more things for vacation and then I dropped R off.....I went to visit baby Jacob (KG was stopping in with baby Eva too) So I got to see them both!!!!
Gonna spend the day with KG and Baby Eva tomorrow too though.

Got home and made mini meat loafs for R and I (Mine was just onions and extra lean beef) I made mine then mixed in the extra stuff in R's (Panko, egg and Cheese).....I made a homemade tomato sauce to go on it (very yummy) . R made onions and spinach and some sweet potato / reg potato mash (I had a bit of each to appease him......they were both very good as well, would love to of had more!)
Mini meat loaf (3 oz) with onions and spinach and sweet potato mash
Supper doesn't look like too much but it was filling......
I just took a fresh batch of granola out of the oven (Maple-Walnut)
I am also gonna bake some meringue cookies in a few......(I am SUCH  a party animal eh!)
I have 6 miles to do tomorrow....not bad....
Have a great Friday night!


Karla said...

I get made fun of also for always bringing my food, but whatever :)

better than being hungry or eating something I know I shouldn't eat and for sure will regret!

Miss S. said...

Who would make fun of you for purse food-you look fantastic! Those meatloaves sound good. =)

Robin said...

you have so inspired me to start making purse food!!
I love your blog and your dinner plate looks amazing.
Would you mind sharing your recipe for your maple walnut granola. I have never made it.
Robin-new follower

Robin said...

hey girl.. heres my email for your granola recipe.. :)

Vegan Chick Pea said...

That soft serve looks like a great idea! :)