Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty 'tings!

R and I decided to get a few new things to spruce up the house just in time for spring!
1st I have been wanting a deep freeze for-ev-er! So we got one finally-Its an upright-12.5cf
When we bought our sectional there was no recliner in the set....well they have one now! So we got that too...This is a picture of the sectional (there is no picture of the chair that I can find)

We have round coffee and end tables that I am not a fan of....I have been looking forever for a new set but I hate them all so I just let R pick out a new set-It works but I am not super stoked about them but they are good for a while.

Yeah that we got a new BBQ complete with rotisery!
Pretty BBQ
and well we have a lot of booze from our travels that we like to collect and I have no where to store it......Here is a pic of R with his booze collection from our year of travels (we bring back ummmm.....a bit more then our limit sometimes)
Proud Papa

There is a lot of run since we went to Cuba 2 times in the last year. We also have our Whiskey from Ireland and Tequilla from Mexico and Pisco from Chile-So I found a dinning room server that I think will look nice and will hold all this!
It only holds 12 bottles of wine but better then nothing.....

I need a patio set-But can not find one! Any suggestions?

I am back to normal eating today and feal wayyy better already-
I am so messed up.....I was semi off track for 10 days and since Tuesday I was bad- But not as bad as I could or would like to have been-I weighed myself this morning-8Lbs. BS! Come ON! There is no effin way-I know what you have to eat to gain 8 pounds and it isn't 2 empanadas a meal at the keg, some ice cream and some red wine-WTF
On the ball today I know it is a lot of water retention but still-I almost peed in my pants- I drank 5L of water today to help flush out and I think tomorrow will be a more real number in regards to the real amount of damage!
Damn it


Christie said...

Ewww, we have the same hate today!! I wanted to throw my scale out the window to. I mean I have ran 75 miles in two months (most ever for me) and I am up 3 lbs from before I started!! WTF. Why does this happen!! We gotta hang in there though! Can't let it make us slip! Love your pics!

Deedah said...

I retain water so easily, so I know how you feel! Don't worry you'll get rid of all of it! Nice BBQ by the way. I wish I had a yard and a deck! I guess my George Foreman will have to do for now :) And I love the sectional. Nice stuff