Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cuba in 1.5 sleeps

I say 1.5 sleeps because we have to get up at 2am on Monday morning to get to the airport for 4.
I think I am all packed.....I know I bought WAY too many cute dresses and bathing suits (hey what can I say shopping is fun for once).
I finished up my grooming appointments today! TG
#1 I called to book a hair appointment for this morning (I wanted a treatment I get done at the Aveda hair salon I go to. It is by L'oreal....called x-tenso. It isn't quite like a Brazilian blow-up as you still keep a lot of curl and body in your hair (I have very curly hair) but all the frizz is gone, even in humidity and using a straightening iron in it is a breeze, easily cuts 3/4 of the time off of that whole procedure! AND I am told....oh we no longer do that (or anything like a matter of a fact NO ONE DOES RIGHT NOW.....Some chemical in all those treatments has been pulled, as it is "really bad for you`` They told me. Then said ....Oh we will be getting a new treatment in next week, you want me to book you in for then......NEXT WEEK? Ahhhh...No....TODAY!
So what am I gonna do.....hmmm...I will look like a damn poodle (remember Monica when Friends went to Barbados??) Yep....thats me!

Total Hotness
No way I am getting braids and beads put in....eff that!
sigh.....whats a girl to do....

#2 Piss off
So I called to book with the girl Laura, that I have been going to for 2 years (since I moved here) and 1st told she changed salons! WTF....I just had an appointment with her 4 weeks ago...They said she left recently, so maybe she didn't know the last time I was in.....SO damn it! OK well I know there are a lot of good stylists there, so I took the only appointment they had left today.....and having no choice I took it.
I show up and um.....It's a BOY....I know that sounds ridiculous but I hate....I mean HATE boys doing my hair.....with their big man hands....yuck...and strange boy shampooing + the complimentary head massage = total creep out.....I just feel like Edward scissor hands is cutting my hair for some reason......

Now he did a good job....but no better then Laura. She was just a "regular stylist" but this guy 'Andre" as his card said....must be the gosh damn artistic director of the place cause that's the price I was charges....almost twice the price as usual! Jeez....I feel a bit rantish right about now....sorry

Got almost everything done...gonna buy some shorts tomorrow as I only have dresses packed......I also have to pick a dress up from the tailors (had to have it taken in!!)
I bought a new camera...It has a "share button" on it.....not sure what this means but apparently u can load pics directly to social medias...gonna play around with it tonight....
My mom and Kevin made it home safe and sound from Mexico! They had a great time! I was a bit worried with all the violence there these days....
And my pic of the day! My beautiful one month old goddaughter...getting cuter every day!!

Pretty Eva!!



My Ma and Kevin! They just got back today and I just looked at a few pics! Looks like they had a great time in Mexico!!!! Now thats a good tan!!


Ms. Chunky Chick said...

I Totally agree I feel weirded out by guys cutting my hair! But it happens occasionally. And I use to help combat the frizz. I use it everyday and since I found it I couldn't live with out it :)

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Hahaha, I remember that episode of Monica's hair!