Friday, March 18, 2011

Saddest Day ever

I thought I lost this post after I wrote it this morning, then I remembered about Draft!
Yeah.....Did not wanna re-write it all

Part 1-From earlier today

Last night was BRUTAL.....and it is not over
Parv was SIKH so last night was in a Temple. Many of us were not familiar with the traditions and temple rules so thankfully Parvs family had sent some info. RE; Everyone must wear head wrap, rules for removing shoes and women sitting on left side of room and men on right. There was a man at the front of the room singing/praying (I am not sure what language). For 2 hours. I had no idea what was going on. It was so sad for everyone still. They had a slide show going at the front. Today I have to go to the Cremation Ceremony. I have no idea what to expect.

After everything was done, R and I went home to change (Everyone from work went in uniform). I grabbed Pizza (we were all soooo hungry) and a bottle of wine and we had some drinks and chatted at HK's house until 0100am ish.....
HK got new cats...we found them on kijiji.....they are brother and sister and came from a loving home (allergies) and came with every accessories in the world. They are too cute....HK is a neat freak so the fact that cats do whatever the hell they want she is trying to teach them to stay off the tables and counters....
Daisy and Charlie
R-S sleeping in the back....

S wasn't a party animal last night

HK-always closes her eyes in pics
So R, HK SE and me chatted while SW napped on the couch....
Had a good night considering the circumstances

My food was ok till the evening
I have to be on a beach on Monday! WTF pizza! I don't even like pizza!
Crab and spinach omelet

Salad with homemade dressing

Yummy snack

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Philly Cheese steak Pizza

Mini eggs

Peanut Butter Cups
Ok to be fair I had about 10 onion rings and picked the toppings off 2 of the pieces of BBQ chicken pizza.....
When I got home I drowned my sorrows by laying in bed reading the new LCBO food magazine and eating mini eggs and pb cups.....I had 2 of the pb cups (mini ones ok) and a handful of the mini eggs....yumm.....that's why we don't ever buy things like this.....
There are a few recipes that I will try out of this issue.......

Part 2-Wrote tonight

Ok so I was was MUCH MUCH worse then the service last night. Parv had 4 children 3 girls 23, 19 and 14 and a boy 9.....My  heart just broke for the little guy in particular. His wife was inconsolable. There was about 300 people there at least it was packed. So so sad.....Everyone had to do a viewing processional and we were handed to flower to place in the casket. OMG this is just so sad. Not a dry eye in the place. Work sent a bus over with as many people as we could spare that were working today. Now I work with a lot of strong burly men and to see them openly weeping was just heartbreaking. The whole thing. I don't think I could do that service again......To hear his kids crying Daddy no, please as they closed the casket.....His wife had to be physically restrained.....AHHHH I wanted to run away......So hard.....This man was very loved and respected not only at work but in his
It has been on my mind all day.....
I went for an hour run, still couldn't shake it.......
Hope everyone had a better Friday then I did.....

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