Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh baby

I went to see me BFFer KG today and my goddaughter Eva! She is 17 days old! What a darling. We took her for her for her first Starbucks date!
She had a blast.
I told KG about my blog, LOL and she thought it was hilarious that I was doing one! She has about 20-25 lbs left that she wants to loose. It;s just been over 2 weeks since Eva was born but she is ready to start eating better and hit the gym.
It's been hard not having my workout/diet/wine-o ally since last June!
We were at Starbucks and I went to the washroom. When I came out some nut job had bombarded poor KG and was telling her about not using certain blankets as they were flammable. Well no shit! She then went on about how she is a knitting instructor (WTF) and knows all about this. (Do babies just spontaneously combust these days, have I missed something?) Anyways poor KG was trying not to be rude, but really what is with all the unsolicited advice.
Just because you have a kid and you see someone with a kid, doesn't mean they want your advise. So if you are asked fine, but how rude to just come up and start telling people what to do.
Did I walk up to this lady and tell her that her disgustoy-ed pink hair was gross.....NO...because it was not my business!
K....rant over.....sorry
We picked up her step son.....6 Years old and hell on wheels!
When we got back to KGs the boy (who had his birthday party yesterday) proceeded to open up about three toys (2 of which were legos) and attempt to build them, all while flinging pieces all over the room....poor lad!

This was just the beginning!
I fed baby Eva, then she had a swing in her swing.

What a doll.
KG asked what I write in my blog...I told her food stuff mostly.....
Today I had my regular eats, but I had a tall green tea latte (non-sweet) and a hand full of chips.....Oh and a couple bites of E's birthday cake (I LOVE CAKE)......
As of 1500 Hours tomorrow....I....AM....ON......VACATION.....Until April 1...

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