Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just babbelling-Really this makes no sense

Today was a good and a bad day.
R and I (Well mostly R) Spent the last 2 days cleaning the entire house. I hate spring cleaning. We got rid of a lot of stuff though. We are minimalists as it is so I don't know where the hell all this crap came from. I hate living in this smaller space. Can't wait to buy our new place. We lost about 500 sq feet when we moved to this city and since we are still in a temporary location I am still dealing with NO SPACE. Ugh...So R is a great man, but sometimes his patience eludes him. I am sure 12 years in the military (Sargent when he left) doesn't help this cause. He is especially not patient when he is trying to clean when he would rather be doing something else (aren't we all). Well a couple hours into the cleaning I wanted to thrown him from the 2nd floor window. And people think I am a clean freak.
I love him so much but I have to say he was a huge factor in regaining the weight I had lost in 2004. When we started dating I was about 155 lbs. He is a great cook and loves finding new places to eat as much as I do. So in the first year we dated I went from 155lbs to 190 lbs.Yikes.
I remember going for a dress fitting in February 2007 for a wedding I was going to be in that summer. The sales lady at the dress shop said "I don't think we have any samples in your size" WTF I wasn't that big. I went home in tears and the food train stopped there.
I hit the gym and have been a devoted runner ever since.
I dropped back down to about 160 lbs and stayed there for a while.
When we move to the new city in February 2009 I was still around 157. I had injured my knee and had not run for a couple months. That spring I decided to run a half marathon. I wanted to loose some weight again so I hit the diet hard again and went down to 140 lbs (my lowest weight that I could remember) I felt great. I quit smoking and ran my first half marathon in October 2009. I floated around that weight. Going between 138(Lowest) Up to 148 in an off time. This January I was sick of wanting to loose the last few lbs and just decided to get it done. I went from 148 to my now 130lbs. I swear I feel like I look the same but I get comments every single day from people about how "tiny" I am.....WTF TINY....Not a word that is used to describe me. So I have been maintaining here for a few weeks. I feel ok but I think I would like to loose a few more lbs....see how I feel then. I am still having knee problems when I run (10 miles hurt like hell this week). I am not willing to give up running and think that maybe loosing a few more lbs will help with this knee pain.
ahhh! When is enough enough?

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